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The Second Chinese Customer Council of Safran Helicopter Engines was successfully held in Tianjin

The Second Chinese Customer Council of Safran Helicopter Engines was successfully held in Tianjin

From July 11 to 12, 2023, Safran Helicopter Engines successfully held the second Chinese Customer Council in Tianjin. This council invited more than 20 representatives from 11 major domestic civil helicopter operators to conduct in-depth discussions on some common service and technical topics of concern with customer support managers and technical representatives from Safran Helicopter Engines headquarters, Asia company, and China company. This is the first customer event of Safran Helicopter Engines China since the COVID in 2020.

“Every progress we made cannot be separated from your trust and support. Therefore, when the Covid finished, we have decided to restart the China Customer Council as soon as possible, to engage in valuable information exchange, and to conduct in-depth discussions on your most concerned technical and commercial topics. We hope to offer an opportunity to create an open and free communication atmosphere for everyone, and we hope to listen to your suggestions and feedback, in order to continuously optimize and improve our services, with the objective to better serve you and increase customer satisfaction.” Said Marc DELORT, the General Manager of Safran Helicopter Engines China on opening speech to the Council. 

On the first day of the council, led by technical representatives, we reviewed the technical topics in previous customer councils and conducted a detailed analysis of the reliability data of each engine. At the same time, we have put forward specific suggestions on the storage of customers' engines and parts, as well as some practical issues during engine return. JEROME CLEVERS, Head of Customer Satisfaction of Safran Helicopter Engines and Patrick PENG, Director of Front Office in China, jointly introduced other hot topics which include sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) application, Health Monitoring, Keep You Flying Plan, Logbook simplification and E-logbook Transition. Wang Qiufeng, the Quality Manager in China, also gave a detailed introduction to the specific process of handling customer complaints by Safran Helicopter Engines and the evolution of Safran safety management system.

The next day, in the SBH workshop, we conducted an on-site interview with representatives from three different SBH Chinese users. The customers highly praised the reliability and performance of our engines, and gave positive evaluations of the promptness and flexibility of SBH service. Meanwhile, customers also communicate with each other in the closed session (without any Safran HE representative), and proposed some constructive improvement suggestions to us, which will become the driving force for us to continuously improve service quality and enhance customer satisfaction.

Since 1980s, Safran Helicopter Engines has been cooperating with the Chinese aviation industry and has been deeply cultivating the Chinese market for more than 50 years. Today, Safran Helicopter Engines established its presence in China with over 600 engines in operation in the country. More than 50% of helicopters in service in China are equipped with Safran engines or its licensed products. We are providing support services to nearly 100 operators in China where we are committed to ensuring customers' safe flight.