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Sébastien Mériaux, manager at Safran Engineering Services


Sébastien Mériaux held a variety of positions before coming to work at Safran Engineering Services. He joined the company in 2014 to head up a unit. Today, he manages a department of 80 staff on the Saclay site. He talked to us about the path that led him to this fantastic opportunity.

From software engineer to project manager

In 2002, Sébastien graduated with a degree from IMERIR (the Institut méditerranéen d'étude et recherche en informatique et robotique de Perpignan). Before graduation, he completed an internship at Technilog, a small software publisher, and was offered a position as a software engineer. “After two years with the company, I wanted to keep growing, so I joined the IT consulting firm ASSYSTEM—still as a software engineer. I was responsible, along with a team of four others, for developing the software and associated electronics for a new electronic toll collection station in Normandy, France.” After 3 years honing his skills, Sébastien was ready for a new challenge.

In 2007, he joined SII as a project manager and worked on a wide array of assignments, including in the energy, textile and defense sectors. He handled computing and developed logistics applications for a broad range of projects.

Entrée into aeronautics

In 2010, he joined the consulting firm Eurogiciel and was put to work consulting on a Safran Landing Systems project. It was his first encounter with Safran and the world of aeronautics. “I was looking to take on more project management work, so I was assigned to coordinate the verification and validation of onboard software and computing systems built into the landing gear,” said Sébastien. He consulted with Safran for three years, overseeing a multidisciplinary team of 22 employees working on the Boeing 787 and Airbus A350 program.

In 2013, Eurogiciel lost this business to Safran Engineering Services. Sébastien decided to strike out on a new adventure with SQLI, acting as project director on web and mobile projects. There, he oversaw and executed consulting and systems auditing for large corporations, leveraging his aeronautics experience. “I missed the work. Plus, thanks to that experience, I was offered a position with Safran Engineering Services.”

Manager at Safran Engineering Services

In 2014, Sébastien's background propelled him into a new position at Safran Engineering Services, heading up the Systems Regulation and Modeling unit. This brought him back to Safran Landing Systems and Safran Aircraft Engines, where he worked on the Airbus 350 and Silvercrest programs, respectively. He managed a team of 40 with multiple areas of focus, including systems validation for engines and landing gear.

A new challenge

Since November 2017, Sébastien took on a new role as Department Head for Electronic Products and Software on Safran Engineering’s Saclay site. This position has reunited him with his first love: innovation in onboard software and applications. “For example, we are developing suites of applications for Non-Destructive Testing in partnership with Safran Tech, located at the same site,” said Sébastien. He also oversees testing methods and test benches. At just 39 years old, Sébastien supervises a department of 80 staff. That is where his focus currently lies: “... building a solid, stable team, expanding into areas that will allow our associates to grow and thrive professionally, and diversifying our activity to offer them a greater variety of assignments."

And what's next for Sébastien himself? “Maybe I'll try my hand overseas,” he says. “That's one hurdle I haven't cleared in my career thus far. I may get the chance with the Safran group. In the meantime, I'm happy where I am. I really enjoy my work and my lifestyle. There are still plenty of things to build and ladders to climb right here!"