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Safran's non-destructive testing training facility

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The Group's non-destructive testing (NDT)* in-house training school in Villaroche, east of Paris, covers training requirements for all Safran business segments.

3D loom : carbon fiber

The facility offers a variety of training modules in NDT techniques such as radiography, liquid penetrant testing, magnetic particle testing, acoustic emission testing, and eddy current testing. Around 600 trainees attend the school each year, nearly 40% of whom are Safran employees and more than 60% work for subcontractors. Sessions are mainly held onsite but, if required, can be delivered directly at the customer's premises. Instruction is given by both experienced internal trainers from Safran and outside training providers in either French or English.

The center has developed a participative learning system that includes videos shot at various Safran sites. In addition, as part of the growing shift to online learning, more and more training content is digitized and new teaching methods, such as MOOCs and e-learning modules, are being developed.

In the past year, substantial investments have been made in the latest NDT technologies to ensure that equipment at the facility meets the needs of all Safran companies. The latest acquisitions include an acoustic emission test bench, an x-ray cabinet, a magnetic particle bench tester, and state-of-the-art classrooms. The center benefits from the support and innovative strengths of the development units at the NDT Industrial Competency Center that it is part of. It is also partnered by the ECND Academy** and Le Mans University, which both contribute to its development.

"To meet Safran's quality objectives, we have the capacity to train NDT technicians from throughout the Group. Innovative learning methods are key to our success and we have a host of new projects underway lined up. Safran's NDT training center has got an exciting future ahead!" says Christophe Parsis, head of Safran's NDT training center and NDT Qualifications.


* Non-destructive testing (NDT) techniques are used to evaluate the properties of structures and materials without causing damage. They are applied as part of quality-control in production, service and maintenance programs.

**ECND Academy: non-destructive testing school and workshop


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