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Safran’s new JIM Compact multifunction infrared binoculars make debut at IDEX


One of the new products on display at IDEX 2017 is the new JIM Compact multifunction infrared binoculars from Safran Electronics & Defense.

Safran had unveiled this compact version in June 2016, rounding out its range of multifunction binoculars, including the JIM (Jumelle Infrarouge Multifonction) and Moskito families. The IDEX defense trade show in the United Arab Emirates in a major event in the international calendar, and a new opportunity for Safran to introduce its new generation binoculars to the Gulf region.

JIM Compact incorporates a number of innovations, kicking off a new generation of portable optronics (electro-optical) equipment for combat operations. It addresses the critical needs of today’s armies for their most demanding missions, reflected in Safran’s highly robust, compact and lightweight (2 kg with batteries) design, optimized for tactical missions. The new JIM Compact binoculars also feature intuitive user-friendliness, designed for front-line operations, day or night. For the observation role it includes high-performance daytime and cooled infrared sensors, as well as a new feature on this type of device, a third, low-light channel. For accurate target location, it integrates a rangefinder, laser pointer, magnetic compass and GPS. An integral part of the digital battlefield, JIM Compact also features transmission and remote-control modules (Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on option), in addition to shared video streaming. It also displays laser designators and pointers without needing to add any components, providing invaluable aid to forward observers.

JIM Compact is used in conjunction with a laser illuminator and a Sterna geographic north seeker, also designed and built by Safran. Its open architecture makes it the optronics core when used in conjunction with digital intelligence and targeting devices.

JIM Compact capitalizes on the global success of the well-known JIM family of multifunction infrared binoculars, with more than 9,000 units already in service or on order by over 40 countries. Customers include several NATO countries, such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Denmark, the Czech Republic and France, which deploy this system for all types of operations: observation, reconnaissance, zone protection, forward observation, support and special missions. JIM Compact has already been ordered by several countries.