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Safran's landing gear business celebrates 90th anniversary!


April 23, 2016 marked the 120th anniversary of the birth of George Messier, and this year sees us celebrate the 90th anniversary of his historic company. Originally known as Société Française de Matériel d’Aviation, the company was renamed Messier in 1937. As a pioneer in landing gear,the company now called Safran Landing Systems is one of the leaders of the leaders in landing systems, wheels and carbon brakes for aircraft with over 40,000 landings made every day using its equipment. To mark this anniversary, let's take a closer look at the story of George Messier!

3D loom : carbon fiber

A genius inventor, at a very young age, George Messier was fascinated with pneumatic and oleo-pneumatic systems used to absorb impacts (in other words: landing gears). A pioneer in the field, the young engineer held, between 1921 and 1927, several patents for shock absorbers and brakes for aircraft and set up the company which bears him name in 1927.

Passionate about engineering and innovation, George Messier had a testbed aircraft built with a view to constantly testing his various innovations. Thanks to his work, the first French aircraft fitted with oleo-pneumatic suspension entered into service back in 1930.

Since then, technology has continued to develop (find out about some of it in the slide show provided below). It is thanks to the legacy of George Messier that Safran Landing Systems is now one of the world leaders in its field.


Did you know? The oleo-pneumatic suspension systems developed by George Messier were initially designed for automobiles (and the celebrated "springless Messier" system), but in the end it was thanks to aircraft that the company experienced great commercial success! An example of the "springless Messier" system has been on show at the Safran Museum in Villaroche since 2008.

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