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Safran’s Aircelle business unit begins manufacture of exhaust systems for Boeing’s 777X


March 22, 2016

A key element for the propulsion units on Boeing’s new 777X has entered production at Safran’s Aircelle business unit, initiating the on-time manufacturing of titanium engine exhaust systems for the U.S.-built twin-engine jetliner.

Inaugurating this activity was the laser cutting of a titanium sheet at Aircelle’s Le Havre, France production facility, performed in the presence of Boeing representatives from the 777X program’s nacelle, supplier management and engineering functions. The first-cut titanium sheet will be used in the initial 777X exhaust system to be assembled by Aircelle.

The Aircelle exhaust systems will equip the 777X's two GE Aviation GE9X turbofan engines, providing benefits of lower mass, along with increased resistance to heat through the use of Aircelle processes for titanium high-temperature applications. These exhaust systems are among the largest of their type ever produced for civil aircraft, and include acoustically-treated areas for a reduced noise level signature.

Aircelle has optimized the design and manufacturing of titanium nacelle components, applying its expertise and proprietary database in defining and validating the metal’s performance for exhaust systems.

The company also has invested in new and upgraded production resources for the 777X program, while also working with Boeing in ensuring routines and procedures are fully compliant with the aircraft manufacturer’s production requirements.

Aircelle’s industrial kick-off followed the 777X exhaust system’s critical design review (CDR) at Le Havre, which confirmed the company’s design work and enabled Boeing to give the manufacturing go-ahead.