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Safran USA: Employee Spotlight

Human resources

July 26, 2018

Damien Loisy, Carbon Engineering Manager, Safran Landing Systems

In recognition of today’s National Intern Day, Safran is highlighting the career experience of a Safran Landing Systems employee who began his relationship with the company through an internship program with the University of Cincinnati.

Who: Damien Loisy, currently serving as the Interim Carbon Engineering Manager at Safran Landing Systems.

What: From his initial experience as an engineering intern, Loisy began his full-time work in 2008 as the process engineer for the high-temperature and textile area, overseeing the qualification of equipment and new programs – activity that was directly related to what he learned during the internship. Loisy was promoted to senior process engineer to lead a small team of process engineers in organizing and prioritizing projects tied to carbon/carbon process changes. Due to a recent reorganization of the engineering team, he currently is the Interim Carbon Engineering Manager.

Where: The Walton, Kentucky facility of Safran Landing Systems, where Loisy’s father also works. “My father was part of the original team that came from France to build the plant in 1999,” he said. “We have been working together at Safran Landing Systems now for 11 years; therefore, I grew up following and knowing the company.”

Why Safran: Through the University of Cincinnati co-op program, he was assigned to another French company, L’Oréal – the major supplier of makeup, cosmetics, haircare and perfume – for one year. He then worked for Marathon in the oil and gas industry. “I really enjoyed working for different companies and learning different industries; when the opportunity was available to try an aerospace company, I decided to try it,” Loisy explained.

A one-word description of Safran: “Ambitious.” Loisy underscored the focus at Safran Landing Systems on the next technologies in any area of manufacturing, including automation, big data, additive manufacturing and more.

Advantages of internships: “Internships are absolute confidence boosters for learning manufacturing, to get acquainted with the type of work you will perform and to get involved with many different projects,” he said. “It gives you a chance to participate in small- to large-scale projects. I enjoyed working on actual projects and seeing them come to fruition. In engineering, it is very gratifying to see a part, product or piece of equipment come to life and you were able to play a critical role.”

Advice for interns: “I always tell new interns to not be afraid to ask for work, ask a lot of questions and pay attention to how processes are set up,” Loisy concluded. “I try to create the same conditions that I experienced, which is to provide meaningful and impactful work. In my experience, people respond very well when you show interest and have a thirst for learning.”