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Safran USA Employee Spotlight

Human resources

February 3, 2016

Nathaniel Elder, Mechanical Designer/Draftsman, Labinal Power Systems

This spring semester Safran will visit university career fairs across North America to find talent and promote the Group. Company representatives in human resources, engineering, business and other departments are encouraged to attend. When students meet our passionate employees, they are eager to learn about their jobs and career progression, ask in-depth questions about the business and build their network. In return, we increase brand awareness, meet potential candidates and connect with the next generation of young professionals. 

To kick off the career fair season, we would like to introduce an ambitious intern who worked his way to a full-time position with the Group. Read below to learn more about his journey. 

"This is an accomplishment for me because it’s the type of engineering I’ve wanted to do since I was a little kid!”

- Nathaniel Elder

Who: Nathaniel Elder, career fair attendee who completed a summer internship at Labinal Power Systems and was hired to join the Mechanical Design team in New Product Development. Nathaniel is an Aerospace Engineering graduate from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

Where: Labinal Power Systems in Sarasota, Florida

What: “I build new/modify existing parts and full products along with developing new concepts using Creo 3.0, a Computer-Assisted Design (CAD) software program. I work with circuit breakers, switches and relays, and create drawings for various test fixtures and apparatus. I will meet with project leads for feedback on drafts, and manage projects from the concept to approval process.” 

Why Safran: “I heard about the opportunity at Embry-Riddle’s career fair. I first learned about Safran in high school after attending an annual aviation enthusiast convention. Some engines on display with promo videos and specification sheets immediately caught my interest. I researched the Group, saw many possibilities, and knew it would be a fun company to work for.”

Motivation: “To gain valuable experience within the aerospace/engineering community. My manager allowed my role some fluidity, so I could experience different aspects of engineering. I was involved in hands-on testing, design, redesign, approvals and initiating changes. I felt extremely lucky to be in that position.”

Challenges: “Learning this particular CAD software, as well as all the products, parts, their functions and the governing rules. I overcame the challenge by asking questions, studying independently and observing the engineers.” 

Accomplishments: “I’m championing design work on a new project working with Airbus. I will conceptualize, plan and present a design which potentially may be used on a new aircraft or other real world application. Many friends from school are not in such a position. This is an accomplishment for me because it’s the type of engineering I’ve wanted to do since I was a little kid!”