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Safran Transmission Systems honours its top 2019 supplier


Safran Transmission Systems gave the “2019 Supplier of the Year” prize to its top-performing supplier: the foundry Aviocast.

After a comprehensive assessment process, Safran Transmission Systems named its top supplier of 2019 out of a group of 100 suppliers. This honour recognizes a supplier using two key performance indicators: On Time Delivery (OTD) and quality (based on the number of defective parts per million parts delivered or PPM). Aviocast reached 97.6% OTD in 2019 and zero PPM for the last six months, which are excellent indicators and make it the best Safran Transmission Systems supplier of 2019.

Excellent indicators combined with success in manufacturing

Aviocast achieved these excellent performance indicators while carrying out the full-scale production of a complex part — the AGB (Accessory Gearbox) for the LEAP-1B. 3D printing was essential for making moulds and sand cores in order to reach manufacturing milestones. To improve the mechanical properties of this AGB, a breakthrough process was used: low-pressure casting. Aviocast also demonstrated excellent reactivity for the TGB (Transfer Gearbox) for the LEAP-1A program.