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Safran supports the Life Project 4 Youth Association in India

Corporate social responsibility

The Safran Foundation for Integration has been helping the Life Project 4 Youth (LP4Y) association to implement its educational projects for several years now. Present in seven Asian countries*, the association aims to contribute to the professional and social integration of young people in highly vulnerable situations, and who are victims of exclusion. Laure Delaporte, the co-founder of LP4Y in India, talks to us about the association.

Having provided support for the construction of two vocational and social integration centers (called Life Project Centers) for excluded young people in New Delhi (India) from 2015 to 2018, the Safran Foundation for Integration is renewing its support for LP4Y in 2019. The Foundation will be participating in a project to build a new center in Chennai (India), which will eventually take in around 60 young people, and also be co-financing an economic aid scheme for young adults doing training courses.

How did the Life Project for Youth association come about?

The Life Project for Youth (LP4Y) association was created in response to the growing number of excluded young people in the world. Its objective is to help them build their life project.

LP4Y has just celebrated its 10th anniversary. Can you give us a brief assessment of the results?

Since 2009, LP4Y has provided support to more than 2,600 young adults between 17 and 24 years old, who were all excluded from sustainable professional and social integration. A total of 80% of these young people have now found a decent job. Thanks to an ecosystem of more than 200 partners and the commitment of some 300 volunteers, our association now works in 7 Asian countries, through 26 Life Project Centers. To date, more than 21,000 people have benefited from LP4Y's actions.

What sets your project apart?

Our goal is to ensure that every young person who follows our educational program escapes poverty once and for all. We offer the young people a comprehensive 9-month training course in our centers, which are established within the local communities. On the one hand, the program enables them to acquire new skills within a specific educational framework - the Professional Training for Entrepreneurs scheme - supplemented by a personalized 3-month coaching period during their first job. It also includes a financial aid scheme called the Life Project Money, which pays our students a weekly allowance so that they can support themselves and their families during their training year.

Can you tell us about the projects supported by Safran?

The Safran Foundation for Integration initially supported the development of our two centers in New Delhi. During that time, Safran employees gave presentations about their jobs to the youngsters and offered them job interview training... Today, the Foundation is once again supporting our association by contributing funds for the construction of our brand-new Chennai center and for the Life Project Money scheme.

What are your future development projects?

LP4Y has developed an educational approach that is adapted to the needs of socially-excluded young people in rural areas. They make a promise to follow and complete a three-month residential training course in a "Green Village". After the success of this type of structure in the Philippines (South of Manila) and in India (in the state of Chhattisgarh), Green Villages will be opening in Nepal, Vietnam and Myanmar using this teaching approach in 2020 and 2021. At the same time, LP4Y is continuing to develop the use of digital technology in all its centers, and investing in intensive training for its teachers.


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An adapted educational project

The Professional Training for Entrepreneurs educational project is based on three pillars:

“Working”: creating and managing a micro-economic activity;

“Learning”: training in English, computer science, communication and refresher courses in standard school subjects;

“Guiding”: helping young people to build their life project.

The “Entrepreneurship” stage is the last phase of the program, during which young people discover the world of business, as trainees and then as employees.

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* Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Myanmar, Nepal, Philippines, Vietnam