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Safran strengthens product cybersecurity policy


Cybersecurity is a key performance criterion for Safran products. In June 2020, CEO of Safran Philippe Petitcolin signed a new cybersecurity policy with the aim of increasing protection for smart products and services provided by the Group. We take a closer look with Group Cybersecurity Chief Officer, Philippe Dejean.

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What are the challenges surrounding cybersecurity?

The world we live in is becoming more and more digital, and the same goes for the solutions, products and services that Safran provides. These smart products and services, which are used in processing information, are therefore becoming increasingly exposed to cyber threats. Cybersecurity for both civil and military products is a key focus for the Group, and a way for us to guarantee both performance and quality.


What is the aim of this new product cybersecurity policy?

The product cybersecurity policy signed in June 2020 is intended to strengthen existing measures. It addresses the new threats we face and offers a clear, structured response to client concerns and regulatory authorities' requirements. It is part of the Group's overarching strategy for protecting its information systems, and complements policies aiming to guarantee the performance, quality and safety of our products.


What are the key areas of focus for increasing product cybersecurity?

There are two key strands to implementing this policy:

  • Increased coordination between three lines of business: physical security, information system cybersecurity, and product cybersecurity;
  • A Product Security Officer at each Safran Group company working as a network and responsible for implementing the cybersecurity policy through concrete actions such as:
    • Integrating "cybersecurity" parameters throughout the product lifecycle, from design to decommissioning;
    • Enhancing employee training programs and awareness.

This policy directly applies to all companies and organizations in the Group.



Group Policy: Safran Product Cybersecurity