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Safran’s industrial priorities take center stage at the Ohio Global Aerospace and Supplier Summit


Safran was among the companies invited to the Ohio Global Aerospace and Supplier Summit on May 17 in Cleveland, Ohio. This event brought together stakeholders and representatives of the aerospace supply chain from across the United States, and was organized by the Ohio Aerospace Institute, Parallax Advanced Research, the Ohio District Export Council, JobsOhio, and the International Trade Administration.

Safran USA President and CEO Peter Lengyel

As an important industrial player in the state of Ohio, Safran was included in this key event’s lineup of speakers. Safran USA President and CEO Peter Lengyel gave a presentation about Safran’s presence in Ohio and the Group’s commitment to decarbonizing aviation.  

Lengyel highlighted Safran's contribution to the aerospace industry of Ohio, where the company employs more than 200 people. Ohio is home to Safran Electrical & Power, which develops and maintains electrical power generation and management systems at its Twinsburg location for commercial and military aircraft.

Lengyel discussed the company’s ongoing efforts to build strong academic partnerships with local universities – through guest lectures, career fairs, and a strong internship and co-op program – serving as a pipeline for talented engineers.  

The summit also provided the opportunity to highlight a recent research project undertaken by Safran Electrical & Power, Youngstown State University, Ohio State University and the Youngstown Business Incubator. Benefitting from a $1.8 million Ohio Federal Research Network (OFRN) grant, these partners developed the technologies needed for high-voltage DC generators in military applications.

Also located in Ohio is CFM International, the 49-year-old joint company of Safran Aircraft Engines and GE for the highly successful CFM and LEAP family of turbofan jet engines, and the support office that oversees Safran USA’s engine supply chain in the United States.

Safran's continued focus on green aviation also was underscored with a presentation outlining the Group’s decarbonization strategy. Lengyel discussed a variety of initiatives that include developing low-carbon aircraft and the associated electric and hybrid propulsion systems; supporting the deployment of sustainable fuels; and reducing emissions from industrial sites.