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Safran's GSG-8 GPS/GNSS simulator trains pilots to react to real-world situations


When failure is not an option

Military aircraft programs train pilots against threats such as drone swarms, but often neglect GPS/GNSS simulation to reproduce real cockpit instruments, instead using facsimile instruments.

vignette flight simulator
random image flight simulator

However, the benefits of using a GPS/GNSS simulator are clear. It reproduces the GPS signals needed for the cockpit's navigation instruments to work properly by providing the signal in real time, in contrast to a facsimile.

It comes with several advantages :

Pilots are trained with instruments and simulators that perfectly mimic the real aircraft. For the simulator designer, this means no trade-off between development costs and the quality of the simulation.

On the other hand, a GNSS simulator is able to detect any anomaly in an instrument and in the flight dynamics (forces applied to a flying aircraft), which gives the pilot real-time feedback from instruments, which is much more accurate than the feedback provided by a facsimile.

Customers who trust us

A leading military avionics company has already called on Safran in the past to equip a life-sized cockpit. The flight simulator used Safran's GSG-8, which faithfully recreates the aircraft's GPS/GNSS dynamics using HWIL (Hardware-in-the-Loop) technology. By sending out simulated real-time GPS signals, the flight simulator provides a true-to-life learning environment for the learner. For the customer, this solution is attractive for several reasons : it comprises sophisticated functionality, high-performance, HWIL compatibility and cost-effectiveness.

gsg 8

Better-trained new generations of pilots

By being trained with real instruments, pilots are more in-touch with the situation on the ground, ensuring better performance and safety during military air missions.

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