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Safran renews it support for French Social Housing Charity “Fondation pour le Logement Social”

Corporate social responsibility

The Safran Foundation for Integration is supporting a French social housing charity, named Fondation pour le Logement Social (FLS), to create two “Maisons de vie et de partage”, a welfare home for people with disabilities. The first one in Bayeux would be completed at the end of the year and the second one has just been opened in Saint-Etienne. These two projects illustrate the Foundation’s ongoing actions to support youngsters with disabilities.

3D loom : carbon fiber

In 2017, the Safran Foundation for Integration chose to support the plan to build a Maison de vie et de partage in the city center of Saint-Etienne. Two years later, eight young adults with mental health disorders, aged 20 to 35 years old, have been able to move into an 800m2 building, renovated and adapted to their needs. Inaugurated in June, the home will eventually accommodate about fifteen residents and five able-bodied people (families, students, employees, volunteers, etc.), thereby making it a truly inclusive place to live.

The welfare homes Maisons de vie et de partage bring fragile people together in an accommodation-sharing scheme (people with disabilities or formerly homeless people reintegrating into society), offering them conditions of relative independence without complete isolation and with a particularly rich experience of otherness. Located in town centers, these welfare homes are places for living that blend aspects of ordinary housing with nursing homes. They help their residents become independent and make it easier for them to integrate into life in society. Furthermore, most of the residents have a professional job.

As soon as they are launched, each Maison de vie et de partage works in partnership with a local charity made up of parents of fragile people, notably those with disabilities, and of those close to such vulnerable people. In Saint-Etienne, it’s the charity Pierre d’angle de Raoul et Madeleine (PARM) which has undertaken to forge friendships since 2015 between all residents, notably through evening events and friendly moments spent together.

In 2018, the Safran Foundation prolonged its support for FLS by taking part in the plan to build a new Maison de vie et de partage near Bayeux, that should open at the end of this year.

A major axis of its policy

The Safran Foundation for Integration supports charity projects that make social and professional integration easier for teenagers and young adults with disabilities of any kind (social, physical, sensory or psychological). Housing is one of the Foundation’s chosen areas of work to strengthen its identity on the one hand and the impact and clarity of its actions on the other hand. Indeed, actions supporting those with disabilities has, in recent years, taken on a new dimension through which largely remedial policies can be surpassed and people with disabilities can be helped to lead their daily lives and integrate into society. Some of these youngsters, with relatively less debilitating conditions, aspire to leading ordinary lives. The Safran Foundation for Integration actively supports this change so that everything that young people with disabilities can bring to society is promoted.


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A privately owned foundation recognized by the state as being in the public interest, FLS (Fondation pour le Logement Social), helps the most vulnerable families through social housing for integration. It allocates housing to families who have the greatest need for it, without any limit in duration and with rent adapted to their financial resources. Housing is allocated according to their projects and the resources to bring them to fruition. Alongside the families housed, FLS creates a dynamic of responsibility, involving these families in the running and maintenance of their accommodation. Workshops and practical training courses are organized regarding the management of their home, energy challenges and social issues.

Visit the FLS website (French only)

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