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Safran recognises Airbus Defense and Space Aerostructures, Woodward, and Maugars Industrie for their supplier excellence


July 25, 2016, Le Havre, France – Three members of Safran Nacelles’ international supply chain were acknowledged for their supplier excellence.

Topping the Safran Nacelles’ rating for Customer Support and Service Performance were the Seville, Spain-based operation of Airbus Defence and Space Aerostructures, along with Maugars Industrie of Le Havre, France. Winning the Supplier’s Awards for Quality and On-time Delivery Performance were Woodward, located in Niles, Illinois; and Airbus Defence and Space in Seville.

“The supplier network is crucial to our goals of providing quality nacelles, as well as offering best-in-class support and services,” explained Jean-Paul Alary, the President of Safran Nacelles. “The suppliers recognized with our latest awards earned their distinction through dedication to excellence. They also demonstrated that both large and small companies can achieve top supplier status.”

Customer Support and Service Performance awards for suppliers of fan cowls and fittings

Airbus Defence and Space Aerostructures received the Customer Support and Service Performance award in the build-to-specification category (for which the supplier has both design and production responsibilities). It provides fan cowl doors – an external cover that serves as an important engine nacelle component – for nacelles that equip the Airbus A318, A340-500/600 and A380 jetliners, as well as Airbus’ new A320neo version with LEAP-1A engines. Philippe Couteaux, Safran Nacelles’ Vice President of Customer Support and Services, noted that Airbus Defence and Space Aerostructures significantly enhanced its performance to attain the top rating for 2015, demonstrating a supplier’s capability to address issues and implement solutions for improvement.

Maugars Industrie was named top supplier for Customer Support and Service Performance in the build-to-print category (involving parts that are manufactured based on drawings and data provided by Safran Nacelles). With a team of approximately 40 employees, Maugars Industrie supplies aluminum and titanium machined fittings to Safran Nacelles, which are used primarily in support and repair situations. The company was recognized for its reactivity in delivering parts that are both made-to-measure for specific requirements and available from in-stock inventories. Its fittings often are provided in record time, and Maugars Industrie places particular emphasis on maintaining prompt and regular communications with Safran Nacelles, Couteaux said.

Suppliers of actuators and fan cowls win Supplier Awards for Quality and On-time Delivery

Woodward, which supplies electrical actuators that open and close the large nacelle fan cowls on jet engines that equip Airbus A380s, received a Supplier Award for Quality and On-time Delivery in 2015, recognizing its demonstrated excellence and sustainable performance.

The same characteristics were cited in Airbus Defence and Space Aerostructures’ selection to receive a Supplier Award for Quality and On-time Delivery performance. Arnaud de Bussac, the Vice President of Procurement at Safran Nacelles, noted Airbus Defence and Space Aerostructures will soon become Safran Nacelle’s largest supplier, and the two awards announced today also demonstrate that Airbus Defence and Space Aerostructures is Safran Nacelle’s ranking at the top today.


In the photo at top (from left to right): Jannick Andriamananaivo, Safran Nacelles Key Account Manager; David Crespo, Airbus Defence and Space Head of Aerostructures Development Programs and Spares; Prudencio Escamilla Terra, Airbus Defence and Space Aerostructures Head of the CBC Plant (Cadix, Spain), Jean-Hugues Cousin, Safran Nacelles Head of Spares Operations; Fernando Peces, Airbus Defence and Space Vice President - Aerostructures Program; Arnaud de Bussac, Safran Nacelles Purchasing Director; Christophe Mangeol, CEO of Maugars Industrie; Philippe Couteaux, Safran Nacelles VP Customer Support and Services; and Pierre-Luc Coué, Safran Nacelles Spares Operations Improvement Plan Manager.

In the second photo (from left to right): Arnaud de Bussac, Safran Nacelles Purchasing Director; Dale Sylvan, Woodward Vice President/General Manager - Airframe Systems, Niles facility; Tom Gendron, Woodward CEO; Jean-Paul Alary, Safran Nacelles CEO; and Marty Glass, Woodward President - Airframe Systems.