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Safran presents its ePower range of electrical systems at the 2023 Paris Air Show


At the Paris Air Show, Safran Electrical & Power is exhibiting its complete range of electrical systems that covers the entire electric propulsion chain for the new generations of full electric and hybrid aircraft. It also meets the technological needs of non-propulsion electrical systems.

Safran Electrical & Power ePower Range at Paris Air Show

Making planes electric and hybrid represents one of the key axes of Safran's strategy for decarbonizing aviation. Combined with the development of a breakthrough propulsion architecture, the use of more sustainable air fuels and lighter equipment, they should enable carbon-neutral aviation by 2050.


Discover Safran’s electric range at the Paris Air Show from June 19 to 25. The modular and scalable product lines of the ePower range are designed to be applicable to all architectures, regardless of their degree of electrification.

  • ENGINeUS™ 100 is the intermediate product in the ENGINeUS™ range of intelligent electric motors. It is an ideal candidate propulsion source for eTrainers, VTOLs and similar platforms, and is suited equally well to full electric and hybrid propulsion systems. It includes control electronics inside the machine, and its thermal management is provided by an optimized air-cooling system.
  • ENGINeUS™ XL is the most powerful motor in the ENGINeUS™ range, capable of delivering 750kW. This standalone, direct-drive unit can power small full electric regional transport aircraft and hybridize new-generation commercial aircraft. Its thermal management is provided by an optimized liquid system.
  • GENeUS™ 300 is the first product in the family of high-speed intelligent motors/generators. The GENeUS™ range with integrated active rectification produces controlled direct current for up to 300 kW of power, meeting the high demands of electrical networks to deliver stable current in harsh environments. The GENeUS™ 300 can either be configured as three independent channels of 100 kW DC power or connected in parallel as a single 300 kW DC channel to perfectly match specific demands. In particular, the machine can be used in the internal hybrid configuration of a turbofan.
  • The GENeUSGRID™ power management system manages the energy system to meet the needs of full electric or hybrid propulsion motors. It manages a combination of high-voltage generators and batteries while ensuring system integrity through the implementation of electrical protection mechanisms.
  • The intelligent GENeUSPACK™ battery system, tailored to electric propulsion (up to 100 kWh), improves performance and reduces fuel consumption. Its Li-ion technology delivers better energy results and higher power densities. The high-quality battery cells selected by Safran deliver the level of technological safety expected in the aerospace industry.
  • Electrical and optical harnesses provide dedicated solutions to harsh environments and high voltage. These Build-to-Specs systems can be tailored to the specific requirements of each application, from conventional aircraft to full electric or hybrid platforms. The electrical harnesses are designed to withstand critical climatic, chemical, mechanical and radiation environments.

The Safran team invites you to explore all these equipment at the Paris Air Show, Hall 2A - Stand No. 253.