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Safran participated in the 4th COMAC International Dragon Boat Competition


Safran participated in the 4th COMAC International Dragon Boat Competition that took place on June 15th, 2018, at COMAC SAMC site located in Zhuqiao/Pudong. Safran has participated in this important annual event organized by COMAC for four consecutive years. 

The event started with the National Anthem of the Peoples Republic of China, followed by the welcome speech from Mr. LIU LinZong, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Deputy GM of COMAC.

This year, there were at total 19 boats participating in the race, including 5 from different COMAC western suppliers: UTAS, Honeywell, Aviage Systems, GE and Safran. The competition event of this year was mixed 200-meter straightway race. Each boat was composed by 18 people paddling, plus the drummer at the bow and the helmsman at the boat’s tail. The Safran team was composed by 22 employees, including the back-ups, coming from different Safran companies: Safran Aircraft Engines, Safran Nacelles and Safran China. Among the Safran team members, 11 are women.

The competition was organized in two parts: first the qualification races followed by finals for the fastest 8 boats.

In addition, the organizing committee also innovated this year with the new amateur open group double kayak 150 m competitions. Two foreign employees from Safran, Guillaume CHAMBOREDON and Racann TAMSOU, won the third prize of the competition.

COMAC International Dragon Boat Competition has been held for four consecutive years, as the strong supporter of this event, Safran has been participating to the event since the every first year. Safran and COMAC has established a long-tern partnership through cooperation on various aviation projects such as ARJ21 and C919, and this mutual-trust relationship extends far beyond daily cooperation at work.  

This dragon boat competition not only demonstrated the deep friendship between Safran and COMAC, but also reflected the cooperative spirit among Safran employees. The team members worked together to overcome difficulties and strived for the upper reaches. Safran received the Excellent Organization Award for the whole Dragon Boat competition and the third prize in the double kayaking.

The Safran team members said after the competition that they appreciated the support from the Safran family and looked forward of the reunion next year at the COMAC Dragon Boat Competition.