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Safran obtains EASA DOA approval for its ENGINeUS™ electric motor


Safran Electrical & Power has obtained DOA (Design Organisation Approval) issued by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) for its ENGINeUS™ electric motor. This is a major milestone in certification for the motor.

Electrical engine ENGINeUS on the propeller test bench

“Design Organisation Approval” validates the internal organizational structure created by Safran Electrical & Power, which will enable it to obtain certification for its electric motor from the EASA. This now makes Safran Electrical & Power a “Type Certificate Applicant”.

The ENGINeUS™ motor spearheads the ePower product line, offering a full range of electrical equipment for new 100% electric and hybrid aircraft. The ePower line covers the entire electrical propulsion chain: Motors, batteries, generators, electrical distribution and power management. The ENGINeUS™ motor family offers a range of power outputs from 50 to 750 kW. It integrates an electronic control system into the machine, with an optimized cooling system. The ENGINeUS™ 100 motor is the intermediate model in the range.

This approval constitutes recognition of the professionalism of our organizational structure, and the excellence of our development process and our engineering task force. It is the culmination of two years of hard work developing disruptive technologies and offering ultra-efficient electric motor solutions. Our success has also been achieved with the invaluable help of the Group’s experts,” says Florent Nierlich, Technical and Innovation Director at Safran Electrical & Power.

This DOA officially makes Safran Electrical & Power an engine manufacturer! Soon, our ENGINeUS™ motors will be found in small tourer and pilot trainer aircraft, followed by regional commercial airplanes, and ultimately will provide hybrid solutions for new generations of combustion engines,” adds Bruno Bellanger, Executive Vice President & General Manager of the Power division of Safran Electrical & Power.