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A Safran Nacelles “walkaround” of the NBAA 2016 static display


November 9, 2016

The aircraft participating in this month’s National Business Aviation Association’s (NBAA) annual meeting provided an opportunity to spotlight the global fleet of more than 3,000 Safran Nacelles-equipped business jets flying around the globe. 

For NBAA 2016, the line-up included a brand new super-midsize twin-jet that came to Florida only weeks after its maiden flight, along with large-cabin tri-jet just entering operational service.

The following “walkaround” photos provide highlights of the static display, organized at Orlando Executive Airport:


Fresh from logging its first hours aloft from Wichita, Kansas in October, the U.S.-built Cessna Citation Longitude was a focus of attention during its initial public appearance at NBAA 2016 – complete with a flight test nose probe and green/blue anti-corrosion coating (photo at top). 

This super-midsize business jet features two Honeywell HTF7700L turbofan engines equipped with Safran Nacelles' patented PERT® (Planar Exit Rear Target) thrust reversers, incorporating two blocker doors for the engine's exhaust during flight, and which are deployed on landing for the reverse thrust function (bottom photo). The PERT design – with external composite/aluminum skins and a simplified actuation system – combines thrust reverser effectiveness with an optimized weight.





Safran Nacelles’ PERT® type thrust reversers also equip the Legacy 450 and Legacy 500 midsize jet business jets from Brazil's Embraer, which are powered by two engines from Honeywell’s HTF7000 family. (Displayed at NBAA 2016 was a Legacy 450 version, upper and lower photos). 

More than 1,200 PERT thrust reversers have been delivered to date by Safran Nacelles for its various business jet applications.





France’s Dassault Aviation is ramping up the deliveries of its flagship Falcon 8X (upper photo) after the initial handover of the large-cabin, long-range tri-jet last month to an operator.  The central engine’s thrust reverser is produced by Safran Nacelles, along with the powerplant's fan cowl and an inlet coupling ring in the S-shaped air duct.  Safran Nacelles also produces the fixed exhaust section for the side-fuselage-mounted left and right engines (lower photo, foreground).  

The F8X is powered by Pratt & Whitney Canada PW307D engines, which are higher-thrust versions of PW307A turbofans on the shorter-fuselage Falcon 7X business jet (visible in the background) – for which Safran Nacelles also supplies nacelle components.







Built by Bombardier of Canada, hundreds of Global 5000/Global 6000 large cabin business jets are in service around the world – equipped with Safran Nacelle target-type thrust reversers on their Rolls-Royce BR710 powerplants (top photo).

The two-door thrust reversers have a lighter-weight structure due to Safran Nacelles’ extensive use of composite materials (close-up image, at bottom).  Incorporating a fixed nozzle, this design contributes to a reduced noise footprint with the application of acoustic panels.

Exhibited in Bombardier’s NBAA 2016 static aircraft exhibit at Orlando Executive Airport was a Global 6000 version.






Another large-cabin business jet produced in significant numbers is the Gulfstream G500/G550 from U.S. manufacturer Gulfstream Aerospace. Powered by Rolls-Royce BR710 engines, these aircraft represent an additional use of Safran Nacelles’ target-type thrust reversers.

Among the aircraft participating at NBAA 2016 was this G550, exhibited by Avpro – a specialist in business jet sales and acquisitions.





Photos: ©Jeffrey Lenorovitz/Safran Nacelles