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Safran Nacelles’ innovation is spotlighted at the Paris Air Show


June 27, 2017

Safran Nacelles’ capabilities to develop and deliver advanced nacelle systems for jetliners and business jets took center stage at the 2007 Paris Air Show – from the exhibit halls to the flight line at Le Bourget Airport. The following “walkaround” provides photo highlights from this biennial event, which is the world’s preeminent aerospace industry gathering.


A major attraction on Safran’s Paris Air Show exhibit stand was the full-scale O-Duct thrust reverser, pioneered by Safran Nacelles. The display provided a first-hand view of this thrust reverser’s innovative single-piece configuration and its open interior cross-section, which differs from the two-piece “D” doors used on traditional thrust reversers. 

When deployed, the O-Duct design eliminates drag links in the engine’s secondary flow-path, enhancing the airflow path and improving fuel consumption – while also increasing thrust reverser efficiency.

This O-Duct thrust reverser is part of the nacelle system developed by Nexcelle – the joint venture of Safran Nacelles and GE Aviation’s Middle River Aircraft Systems – for CFM International’s LEAP-1C turbofan engines. The LEAP-1C powers COMAC’s twin-engine C919 jetliner, and is a truly integrated propulsion system, resulting from a close working relationship of the Nexcelle* joint venture and CFM** International.




A close-up view of the O-Duct thrust reverser at the Paris Air Show provides a detailed view of its architecture.

Using a cascade-type thrust reverser arrangement driven by an E-TRAS (Electrical Thrust Reverser Actuation System), the thrust reverser’s mobile portion slides backwards when deployed in the reverse thrust mode. This uncovers the cascade vanes and pivots a circular array of panels into the air path, deviating the jet engine’s secondary flow panels towards the cascade vanes – thereby reversing the thrust.

The method of integrating the O-Duct on its engine pylon provides an independent thrust reverser structure that can be replaced under the aircraft’s wing.





The Silvercrest business jet powerplant, developed by Safran Aircraft Engines, was included on the Safran Paris Air Show exhibit. Safran Nacelles has complete nacelle design, production and integration responsibility for Silvercrest engines that power Dassault Falcon's new Falcon 5X large-cabin business jet.

Safran Nacelle’s components for the Silvercrest nacelle consist of the air inlet, inner and outer fan ducts, fan cowl doors and the company's patented PERT® thrust reverser.



Another prominent attraction on the Safran Paris Air Show exhibit stand was the LEAP-1A nacelle for Airbus’ A320neo (New Engine Option) family of jetliners. Safran Nacelles has overall responsibility for the nacelle’s design and its integration with the CFM International** high-bypass turbofan jet engine, followed by deliveries of complete propulsion systems to Airbus. 

To meet the output of A320neo aircraft – the fastest and largest production ramp-up in civil aviation history – Safran Nacelles' commitment to the nacelle program has included nearly $100 million in investments for processes, innovation, supply chain management and employee skills across all its production sites.




The A320neo program made headlines at the Paris Air Show with Airbus’ handover of the first LEAP-1A-powered A321neo jetliner to a European airline. Receiving this longest-fuselage member of the A320neo family – equipped with nacelles from Safran Nacelles – was Icelandic low-fare carrier WOW air.

Reflecting the fast-paced schedule for A320neo family aircraft, Safran Nacelles provided the initial LEAP-1A nacelle to Airbus in April 2016, with the 100th nacelle delivered in March 2017.




(*) Nexcelle is a 50/50 joint company between Safran Nacelles and GE Aviation’s Middle River Aircraft Systems

(**) CFM is a 50/50 joint company between Safran Aircraft Engines and GE