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Safran Nacelles’ growing presence in China for state-of-the-art jet engine nacelles


Safran Nacelles is a world leader for the development, production and support of aircraft nacelles.

One of Safran Nacelles’ leading products is the nacelle system on Airbus’ best-selling A320neo (New Engine Option) single-aisle jetliner powered by LEAP-1A turbofan engines from CFM International, a 50/50 joint company between Safran Aircraft Engines and GE.

From design to engine integration, Safran Nacelles also has complete responsibility for nacelles on the A330neo, whose maiden flight with the A330-800 version occurred two days ago.

The A330neo (New Engine Option) nacelles benefit from the Safran Nacelles’ experience in proven large-sized nacelle systems. Features of the A330neo nacelle include the extensive use of composite materials for lighter weight, enhanced performance through the optimization of its aerodynamics, and lower noise with the application of improved acoustic treatment.  

With the A330neo’s nacelle sized at an external diameter of 3.65 meters, it ranks as one of the world’s largest – and is in the similar very large category as the company-built nacelles used on the double-deck Airbus A380.


To provide top-level support for its nacelles in operation, Safran Nacelles has developed the NacelleLifeTM service offering, providing tailorable nacelle services to the requirements of airlines, involving any or all steps from preparations for a jetliner’s service entry through its retirements from operation.

On the industrial side, Safran Nacelles already has established relationships with China’s aviation sector. This includes SAVI Nacelles – the 50/50 joint venture with AVIC Aircraft Company, a subsidiary of AVIC group. Located in the Chinese city of Xi’an, SAVI Nacelles has been producing all blocker doors for Safran Nacelles’ thrust reversers that equip the CFM International CFM56-5A/5B engines on Airbus A318, A319, A320 and A321 aircraft in the CEO (current engine option) version.

Another China relationship is via Safran Nacelles’ Nexcelle joint venture company with Middle River Aircraft Systems (MRAS), which is supplying the nacelle system for the Chinese-built COMAC single-aisle C919 jetliner. This nacelle system incorporates Safran Nacelles’ innovative one-piece composite O-Duct thrust reverser configuration, which results in increased thrust reverser efficiency, improved fuel consumption and facilitated maintenance.

The C919 program will include the future involvement of SAVI Nacelles as well, with the Xian-based company expected to produce components for the jetliner’s nacelle system as a follow-on to its current CFM56 work.