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Safran Landing Systems, a range of possibilities


The world leader in aircraft landing and braking systems, Safran Landing Systems is today hiring those talented individuals who, tomorrow, will contribute to its worldwide growth. Lydie Jallier, Executive Vice-President, Human Resources, explains the kind of people they are looking for and the opportunities offered by the company.

3D loom : carbon fiber


In 2019, we plan to hire over 800 new staff worldwide”, Lydie Jallier explains, “working in a range of occupations and at different levels.” Our goal is to meet current needs, while looking forward to those of tomorrow in line with market and technological changes. Safran Landing Systems therefore hires in the R&D, Engineering, Procurement, Logistics, Data Management, Quality fields… as well as technicians, fitters and painters.

This variety in the profiles sought reflects the company’s activity. As Lydie Jallier sums up, “Safran Landing Systems is a company with a great diversity of products, services and occupations, firmly focused on innovation. Our employees are passionate about what they do, developing solutions which will meet the needs of our customers today and tomorrow, in particular in terms of eco-responsibility and digitalization”.


Building your own career

With this diversity emphasized by its sites on most continents, Safran Landing Systems offers many career paths, with prospects of international experience and opportunities in all of Safran’s companies.

In all our occupations, we look for people with inquiring minds, who have a thirst for technology and innovation based on unique know-how and who aspire to a varied career, with opportunities for new experiences and encounters” Lydie Jallier goes on to say.

Particular attention is paid to young people: we need to ensure we have a pool of future talent. “In France, interns and apprentices represent around 7% of our workforce, and most of them join the company on completing their studies”, Lydie Jallier states. Safran Landing Systems also offers 15 VIE (international  volunteer programme in business) places per year, on its various sites outside France.

Transferring for the future

The goal is, on the one hand, to ensure that the knowledge and skills of experienced staff are passed on to the younger staff who, on the other, help contribute a new, more digital vision, of the world. In this way Safran Landing Systems is preparing the future by maintaining, enhancing and modernizing its know-how and expertise through intergenerational exchanges.

This approach to transferring knowledge and know-how continues through internal training and mentoring programs to allow new entrants or staff, whenever they take on a new role, to quickly upgrade their skills.

Safran Landing Systems puts in place favorable working conditions to enhance employees’ performance and development in conjunction with their career plans and the needs of the business. Team work, innovation and production with lower ecological impacts are central values for the company and are the foundations of its current and future success.

Everything is done to ensure staff work in optimal conditions. The health of a company is firstly that of its employees. We help them develop their potential, their expertise and their network in order to allow them to flourish within a secure and innovative company”, Lydie Jallier concludes.