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Safran – France's leading filer of patents in Europe


The European Patent Office (EPO) has just published its 2021 ranking of the most innovative countries in terms of patents filed in Europe (2021 Patent Index). Safran is France's leading filer of patents, and ranks as the 33rd most innovative country in the world.


Yet more proof (as if any were needed) of the Group's innovation capabilities: According to the European Patent Office (EPO), Safran is France's leading filer of patents! With 540 applications filed in Europe, that's a staggering 27.4% increase for the Group compared with 2020. This means that it has snatched pole position away from the French alternative energies and atomic energy commission.

According to the EPO's report, Safran is also in 33rd position in the global ranking of companies that have filed patents in Europe.

In its press release, the EPO pointed out that the transport sector is "spearheading French innovation".

Intellectual property – a competitive advantage

In 2021, Safran filed 1,176 first patent applications around the world. This establishes the Group among the leading filers of patents in France, in Europe and globally. The Group's patent portfolio protects almost 13,000 inventions and is covered by more than 48,000 IP titles throughout the world.

Intellectual property is one of the Group's key assets. It is vital to develop and protect it, as Jean-Marc Brunel, Group Director of Intellectual Property said:

"The Group is seen as the champion of patents in France, and we are ranked among the most innovative companies in the world.Thanks to everyone's involvement and the individual and collective genius combined with a good use of the patent system, our innovation is what makes us stand out.The inventions that you create give us a competitive advantage."Our patents prevent our competitors from taking the same technology paths that we have already explored and patented."