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The Safran Foundation for Integration supports the “Entourage” association

Corporate social responsibility

The inspiration for the French Entourage network came from the realization that reintegrating people who are experiencing homelessness requires building social connections. What if we all played a role in supporting them, in addition to charities? Learn more about the work of Entourage, which is supported by the Safran Foundation for Integration.

3D loom : carbon fiber

For the past year, the Safran Foundation for Integration has been supporting the Entourage association, which works to mobilize neighborhood residents and create social links with people experiencing homelessness. Entourage contends that each and every one of us can take action using their tools and tips and reach out to the people experiencing homeless that we encounter in our everyday lives. Through its application, the association makes it easy to connect people and give everyone the means to help their homeless neighbors in concrete ways.

“Invisible” citizens, i.e. people who are excluded from the rest of society or living in precarious conditions, face a number of obstacles that make it hard to rejoin the workforce. That doesn’t mean they lack sufficient motivation or talent, however!

Covid-19: exceptional steps to counteract the effects of social isolation

Lockdown and social distancing measures have severely worsened the social, health, and food insecurity of people experiencing homelessness. In March, at the start of the lockdown in France, Entourage took steps to meet three priorities: inform people about the new law, provide them access to essential services and products, and maintain social connections. This was a challenge for the association, which issued multiple calls for solidarity in the face of an unprecedented situation.

During the lockdown, nearly 600 committed volunteers supported 150 people experiencing homelessness as part of the launch of the “Les Bonnes Ondes” (Good Vibes) operation, which was aimed at maintaining social ties over the phone. The volunteers completed 1,600 charitable acts, such as distributing meals and healthcare kits (masks and sanitizing gels). To inform citizens about their ability to take action during these times and provide people experiencing homelessness with access to information, Entourage has doubled down by creating webinars and content to provide guidance to people experiencing homelessness, as well as events and newsletters focusing on the homeless to raise awareness and mobilize communities.

Entourage rounds out its awareness-raising efforts with events, including theater workshops, karaoke evenings, and community breakfasts, aimed at connecting housed and unhoused neighbors.

LinkedOut: “Share your professional network with those who don't have one anymore”

Thanks to the support of Safran Foundation’s for Integration, Entourage has been able to help over 30 young people who were either excluded from the workforce or living in precarious conditions to find long-term work using tools the association developed as part of the “LinkedOut” program. The association encourages LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter users to share applicants’ resumes online to help them rejoin the workforce. With just a click of the mouse, participants can share their networks with people who are actively looking for a job.

Contribute to the LinkedOut project

In November, Entourage launched a new LinkedOut class featuring 80 new applicants. This latest campaign will enjoy an unprecedented level of visibility thanks to the “Vendée Globe” boat race. In fact, a ship sporting the colors of LinkedOut will represent the values of inclusion and solidarity throughout the world. Follow the Race for Change and skipper Thomas Ruyant!

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