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Safran expands its Experts network worldwide

Human resources

Aware of the crucial contribution made by Experts to its current and future successes, Safran is actively extending the Group’s Expert stream around the globe. Geremia Puccini, Vice President Engineering & International Development, explains the challenges involved and reviews progress so far.

3D loom : carbon fiber

Why is it important for Safran to have Experts outside of France?

The commercial success of Safran companies hinges on their ability to deploy advanced technologies and develop complex products. This applies not only in France, but in all countries where we do business! Our Experts play a critical part in this, providing advice and support on projects led by operational teams. So it’s important that we have enough Experts covering all areas of expertise. In addition, to effectively fulfil their roles, Experts must be fully involved in projects and work closely with the teams involved. This means we need Experts in all geographies where Safran is engaged in innovation and development to help strengthen its international footprint. What’s more, having Experts available locally is essential as they represent their companies to a large number of local stakeholders: institutions, industrial partners, universities, certification authorities, etc.

What have we achieved so far?

It depends on the company and the country. Most companies that have long been part of the Group have their own Expert stream, like the one we’ve developed in France. Conversely, companies that joined the Group recently don’t necessarily have the same level of maturity or the same kind of organization. These companies have been working hard to develop an Expert stream – identifying potential Group Experts, setting up appointment committees, etc. In North America, for example, where Safran has a strong presence and where we’ve been focusing our efforts, there is a significant number of both company and Group Experts.

What’s their role?

Exactly the same as that of our Experts in France. For example, to be responsible of projects evaluation as part of technical audits, to assess risks during new products developments and solve specific technical issues, to treat events in Service or Production and Orient R&T. Like their French counterparts, they have to be open to new ideas, and good at listening and advising, fostering team spirit, and transferring their knowledge. International Experts also go through the same appointment process and have access to Safran University’s training programs.

What is Safran doing to grow its Experts stream worldwide?

Thanks to efforts made during the last two years, all our new companies in the Americas have set up technical audit functions. This is a fundamental first step, as technical audits foster and rely on a solid network of Experts. Technical Audit also help develop skills and ensure more efficient management of technical knowledge. In addition, we’ve worked to locally build and strengthen ties among Experts within a given community, so that members across the Americas can know each other’s, are well connected and share their experiences and knowledge. Creating a local and more active expert community will facilitate the dialog between experts, guarantee their cross utilization for Design Reviews or resolution of technical issues. Furthermore, to boost the Experts stream in the Americas, we’ve appointed local “key focals” to interact regularly with Expert community pilots and sponsors in France. Five networks in total, that are particularly crucial to the success of Safran’s products, will have a local focal on American continent: materials and processes, mechanics, systems architecture, electrical systems, and industrial networks. This focal are the antennas of France experts communities and will work together with them to boost the integration between this two geographical areas. 

So, what’s next?

For the time being, we’ve focused on the Americas. Once their Expert communities are completely up and running, we’ll do the same in other geographical regions where it will make sense for Safran business, because there are significant development and innovation activities.