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Safran Engineering Services contributes to the development of the EGNOS V3 platform


Building on its expertise in developing critical software, Safran Engineering Services has been selected by Airbus Defence & Space to supply a software component for EGNOS, the European system used to improve the performance of global navigation satellite systems. This new contract offers the company an opportunity to invest in the space sector.

EGNOS, European Geostationary Navigation Overlay Service

Egnos is the European system that improves the performance of global navigation satellite systems. Thanks to correlated data from a network of ground stations, it ensures the emission of a highly reliable signal as well as the development of global navigation applications with strict safety requirements, particularly for the transport, and therefore the aerospace, sector. Financed by the European Commission, and operated by the European Space Agency (ESA), the development of the new and third version of the box has been entrusted to Airbus Defence & Space. The aim will be to improve accuracy enabling, in particular, a densification of air traffic. 

A critical software application

The satellite giant has entrusted Safran Engineering Services with the development of the ICF (Integrity Chain Facility) software component responsible for checking the integrity of the signal emitted. “The aim of our application will be to retrieve data from ground stations, correlate it and provide a corrected and fully reliable signal”, explains Guillaume Lourdel, Head of the On-board Systems Department at Safran Engineering Services.

To fulfill this initial partnership with Airbus Defence & Space for a complete software workpackage, Safran Engineering Services spent two years consolidating its commercial offering and technical proposal. According to Frédérik Josse and Alice Dausse from the Toulouse sales team, “Convincing a new customer also means gaining their trust by building a strong contractual and commercial relationship. It is a long-term endeavor. The close cooperation between the operational and sales teams meant we were able to make a competitive offering that also met the high standards expected by Airbus Defense & Space and the ESA, with new elements and procedures in relation to our existing customers.” “What ultimately worked in our favor? Our expertise in developing critical on-board software packages, in particular for landing gear and aircraft computing systems”, explains Fabrice Rouzaud, the project supervisor. Indeed, Safran Engineering Services is able to supply critical systems compliant with the D0278 standard, qualified within a certified software workshop.

A complete system that goes above and beyond the service offering

As of March, the Safran Engineering Services teams will have four years to develop the software before its implementation. The company will then provide the related maintenance service for four years. “In the long term, we will function in program mode, as a true systems integrator. This is an exciting challenge that will enhance our skills and provide our employees with an opportunity to get involved in a new sector, and a new project”, concludes Guillaume Lourdel.