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Safran Engineering Services awarded Boeing Performance Excellence Award


Boeing has awarded Safran Engineering Services with the Performance Excellence Award for maintaining a silver level of performance in 2017. It recognizes 12 years of dedication and pursuit of customer satisfaction by the Everett team.

3D loom : carbon fiber

Safran Engineering Services: Boeing Partner in the USA

Safran Engineering Services designs the Formboards for Boeing sustaining commercial programs including 737, 737 MAX, 747, 767, and 777, as well for the development programs 767 Tanker and  777X.

The formboard is basically the manufacturing drawings so that operators can produce the wire harnesses that will be installed in the airplane,” explains Felipe Rubio, Boeing program manager for Safran Engineering Services in Everett, Wash. “We receive the 3-D models from the Boeing Wire Installation team and we convert these models into 2-D drawings that will become the formboards,”he adds. The Safran Engineering Services Team coordinates with multiple Boeing stakeholders including the final assembly line to deliver on time and to ensure no impact to production.

As part of the company responsibilities, there is also a quick response team. Its missionis to address problems or issues found in the manufacturing plans. “This team lends support 24/7 and has a very rapid response time to help Boeing avoid any delays in its factories,” remarked Felipe.

A recognized performance

The Performance Excellence Award is the symbol of 12 years of work and associated results. “First and foremost our performance is almost flawless,” explains Felipe. Indeed, Safran Engineering Services has maintained 99.9% On-Time-Delivery during the past five years, releasing more than 1,500 drawings every month. The quality results are on the same level. “What also contributes to our success? The expertise and skills of our team are the best in the industry, with more than 10 years average seniority. We have become an expert team that can solve any issue and proactively help to prevent risks that could impact our customer.” Finally, the culture of leadership and customer satisfaction allows the company to get beyond customer expectations. “That pushes us to always keep looking for continuous improvement and to be the best in our industry,” explains Felipe.

The strength of a team

This recognition award is the result of the effort and dedication of all the team members. I really want to thank them for their commitment and effort to make it happen.” The next challenge isto maintain this level of performance and to keep finding ways to improve even more. “We all understand that it is a competitive industry and that our success depends entirely on our commitment to continue pushing to be the best for our company and for our customer,” concludes Felipe.