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Safran Engineering Services apprenticeships: Bastien Aonzo shares his experiences

Human resources

Bastien is a student at the Catholic Institute of Engineering in Lille (ICAM), at their Carré Sénart campus in Seine-et-Marne. He is an apprentice at Safran Engineering Services in the Paris region. He is working on the system line as part of a three-year placement. Let’s meet him.

3D loom : carbon fiber
  • How did you find your apprenticeship at Safran Engineering Services?

Bastien: Before starting engineering school at ICAM, I studied electrical engineering and industrial computer science near Paris. As part of my degree, I completed an internship in a testing laboratory for one of Safran Aircraft Engines’ suppliers in Châtellerault. After that, I worked on a temporary basis for Safran Aircraft Engines in Villaroche over the summer. That's where I discovered the world of Safran industry and aerospace. So I decided to try my luck at an internship. I submitted my CV to their online recruitment platform and Safran Engineering Services got in touch.

  • What does your apprenticeship involve?

Bastien: I was recruited to do IT development on behalf of our client, Renault. In September 2018, I’ll go back to complete my third and final year of study.

At the start of my contract, there was a lot of pure IT development. I learned to code in different software—MATLAB, Simulink, Excel—and was introduced to all the development and validation processes that apply to our projects. Step by step, I was entrusted with more development tasks, helping to increase productivity within the project team: automating tasks, improving processes, etc. My role has evolved over time. Soon, I’ll be heading back to school for a while. When I return, I’ll be given a new role: leading a real development project, in direct contact with clients.

  • What do you plan on doing next, once you’ve got your degree in the bag?

Bastien: I’ve been discussing just that with my tutor. There are opportunities for me at Safran Engineering Services that I would like to make the most of. I can start as a full-time software developer and quickly become an operational analyst on the client’s site. I really love what I do. It’s very motivating to know there are future career prospects within Safran. I also hugely value the personal aspect of my job. During my apprenticeship, and alongside the tasks I’ve been given, I had the opportunity to spend three months in Spain, where I was able to immerse myself in a different culture. I also spent a lot of time working in a team. Dialogue and contact with others is very important to me, and very fulfilling.