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Safran Engineering Services and DessIA: a partnership that boosts digital transformation


By partnering with DessIA, the French start-up that has developed a bot platform to facilitate the automation of repetitive engineering tasks, Safran Engineering Services will boost the digital transformation of its customers through efficient and customized solutions.

Designing the architecture of the future system for mission preparation

Safran Engineering Services and DessIA have just signed a partnership agreement to accelerate the digital transformation of engineering activities. How? "By basing ourselves on the bot platform and the various technological building blocks developed by DessIA, and then adapting them to our internal problems and those of our customers," explains Florent Geneste, Director of Operations France at Safran Engineering Services.

Bots as performance accelerators

Based on the observation that engineers use their traditional design tools (such as CATIA for example) to carry out multiple unnecessary iterations, DessIA has developed a solution that makes it easy to create bots, computer programs that perform automatic and repetitive tasks, and to adapt them to the manufacturers' problems." A bot is a sort of virtual assistant for any engineer, allowing them to increase their work capacity by delegating certain recurring tasks," explains Pierre-Emmanuel Dumouchel, DessIA's CEO.

Safran Engineering Services has therefore partnered with DessIA and intends to use the startup's platform as an integrator of customized automated solutions. "This is a partnership that serves both parties equally," continues Pierre Jourdan. "We provide a technological base and an 'explainable' artificial intelligence that reproduces the engineers' reasoning and replicates it ad infinitum. Thanks to the expertise of its engineers and developers and its knowledge of the transport industry, Safran Engineering Services will be able to customize and integrate our solutions."

Promising application cases

Several pilot projects have been successfully carried out at Safran Engineering Services. "Depending on the assumptions in the specifications, our engineers have to carry out several iterations to find the right solution, for example on the dimensioning of the parts they are working on. The bot's purpose is to offer the best scenario according to the assumptions and parameters. It then represents it via an accessible data visualization tool. The engineer can then make the best decision and concentrate on higher added value tasks," explains Florent Geneste.

"The pilot projects have allowed the Safran Engineering Services teams to increase their skills in the integration and programming of DessIA's bots. We have also prioritized the improvements that DessIA will make to its solution," continues Florent Geneste. The two partners will now work together and develop DessIA's solutions. They will then be deployed within Safran Engineering Services to improve the performance of design projects. At the same time, the company will offer its customers a bot integration and development service. The aim is to accelerate the deployment of automation solutions to improve efficiency and support engineers in carrying out tasks with greater added value.