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Safran Engineering Safran Engineering Services Innovates to Recruit Work-Study Candidates

Human resources

On April 27, Safran Engineering Services will host its first “Murder Party” at the Paris-Saclay site to recruit new work-study candidates. An innovative setting, inspiring work, substantial advantages: Patricia Mange, Recruitment Manager, explains why you should apply. Grab your resume!

  • How many work-study students do you recruit every year in France?

Patricia: Every year, we recruit about thirty work-study students for all of the Safran Engineering Services sites in France. Some join the Bordes, Bordeaux, Le Havre, Vitrolles, Villaroche or Toulouse sites, but most of them are recruited for our Saclay site. Today, the Saclay site has 500 employees. That’s where we have the Murder Party. We recruit them for periods of one to three years. In general, candidates have either a degree from a technical university, a professional degree or a master’s degree from a university or an engineering school.

  • What kind of work is offered to work-study students at Safran Engineering Services?

Patricia: We recruit students with experience in different areas of technology: engineers in electronics, software, machinery, manufacturing, etc. We are evolving in fields related to aerospace, ground transport and energy. We also offer work-study positions in business support departments such as human resources, management, sales and marketing. Our work is very diverse, and since we recruit for long periods of time, it is also a great opportunity for learning and growth.

  • What type of growth do you mean?

Patricia: In one, two, or three years, the student will have had enough time to master their responsibilities, apply what they learn at school, gain skills and widen their scope of activity. We are also a part of the Safran group, which started a program to mentor work-study students, either with the Human Resources teams or their manager. Throughout their journey at Safran Engineering Services, students will have meetings and regular check-ups, so that together, we can make sure they are involved, fulfilled and motivated within the company and within their team. Once their contract is up, their profile will be distributed to all recruiters at the Safran companies, which greatly increases their chances of being hired upon graduation. But in any case, our goal is to train students in order to retain and recruit them at Safran Engineering Services, particularly in Paris.

  • Are there other advantages to doing work-study at Safran Engineering Services?

Patricia: Our inspiring work and career opportunities at the end of the contract are already two big advantages! But we also offer a modern, energetic and friendly work environment, especially in Toulouse and Paris-Saclay, where our buildings were just recently opened. Our work-study students benefit from the same advantages as our employees: profit-sharing, stock options, the works council, as well as a fitness center and concierge service. If they have to move more than 70 km from their current residence, we help them look for an apartment. Our two main sites are accessible by public transportation from the center of Toulouse and Paris. Every step is taken to make their lives easier so that they can flourish in their jobs and with their teams!