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Safran Electrical & Power launched a live chat to enhance customer support and satisfaction


A live chat feature dedicated to our distribution components and circuit protection products has launched on the website of Safran Electrical & Power. The customer can now directly ask their question through the web and get a direct contact with our customer support managers. Philippe Leveque, Director of Sales & Marketing in Sarasota, Florida, explains the benefits of this new technology.

What are the top reasons to have a live chat feature on Safran Electrical & Power website pages?

P.L.: At Safran Electrical & Power we value our customers’ experience. In today’s world, moreover in the aerospace industry, we feel that our customers want a convenient way to contact us, and a prompt answer to their questions. Additionally, the new generation of people in the world have the habit to use social media, and to interact through that media in a quick manner. Considering this and focusing on our customers’ voices and needs, we feel that the chat is the tool we need to accomplish this. Emails boxes are not personal enough, and our chat is the direct link to our organization that will make our distributor and customer service premium, customized and efficient.

Is the live chat a good solution for technical issues?

P.L.: Our products are catalog products with different options or variances. It’s reasonable that distributors and customers would need to contact us to ascertain the correct answer to their technical questions. We are currently using a tech-box to address the technical questions of our customers. However, this email inbox is causing us to lose the human interaction. We feel that a chat will enhance and improve the experience the customer has with us concerning their technical questions, but also their commercial ones and all the enquiries they have concerning our distribution and circuit protection components.

What if a live chat session takes longer than a phone call?

P.L.: In this case, we will have to monitor the first several months using the chat, to be able to ascertain when a phone call is the better solution. That means if we are taking more than 10 or 15 messages to answer the customers questions, then the request is clearly more difficult or complicated. In this case, a phone call would be the better alternative to address the customer request. In that way, the goal is to offer them different channels of communication.

How are you able to maintain a high level of client satisfaction?

P.L.: That is the challenge. We always need to increase and improve our customer satisfaction. It is crucial to our success to maintain our current customer base and capture new ones. To make that happen, they need better access to us, and we need to be able to support our customers in their daily duties.  This is key to enhancing the customer experience. As we make ourselves accessible to our customers, it facilitates customer loyalty and increases the business we do with them.


To access the chat services, please go on our dedicated page