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Safran Electrical & Power expands its harsh environment harness repair offer.


Since 2016, Safran Electrical & Power's teams at the Vichy plant in France have specialized in the repair of engine harnesses. Now, at the beginning of 2018, they have just celebrated the repair of the 1,000th harness. The company now plans to extend this service offer to new customers and to build its expertise in harsh environments.

Experts in the repair of engine harnesses

"We created the engine harness repair activity in 2016," explains Frédéric Vigier, sales manager at Safran Electrical & Power. "Since then, we have repaired the harnesses of military engines, GE90s and the CFM range on behalf of Safran Aircraft Engines," he adds. There are several advantages to entrusting this activity to Safran Electrical & Power. A global leader in electrical wiring interconnection systems, the company already manufactures aircraft engine harnesses. "We therefore have all the necessary skills on our sites. Set up for manufacturing, the robustness of our Supply Chain also benefits repair activities, particularly in terms of stock," continues Frédéric.
With respect to performance, the results are clear. "In our 230-person workshop in Vichy, we handle the repair of the engine harnesses that arrive in our maintenance workshop in less than 18 days," adds Philippe Zelus, plant director.
At the customer level, the feedback is positive. The excellent service rate is recognized.

MRO: Conquering new markets

Although Safran Electrical & Power repairs engine harnesses on behalf of Safran Aircraft Engines, it is now rolling out its offer to Maintenance and Repair Centers (MRO Centers) and airlines. It is also extending its expertise to the repair of all harnesses in harsh environments, such as those of landing gear, thrust reversers, APUs, etc. FAR and Part 145 accredited by the EASA, FAA, TCCA, and CAAC authorities, the company can cover up to 90% of the global fleet.
"A new player in the harness repair market, Safran Electrical & Power is rapidly expanding its presence in all these markets. The Vichy teams are therefore particularly proud to have passed the threshold of the 1,000th engine harness repaired less than two years after the start of the activity,” concludes Philippe Zelus.