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Safran Electrical & Power engineers visit Youngstown State University


A group of engineers from Safran Electrical & Power’s Twinsburg, Ohio location met with engineering students at Youngstown State University on October 29.

RAT (Ram Air Turbine) - Power
Backup electric generation system (RAT). In extremely rare cases of total loss of all so-called primary electric sources, this backup system provides the electric energy necessary to control the aircraft until it lands. It includes an activation subsystem, deploying a turbine-generator system outside of the aircraft. This system, fuelled by the flow of air around the fuselage, generates electric voltage regulated by the GCU (Generator Control Unit) of the electric machine. Once the system is deployed, it can be returned manually to the original position after a maintenance operation

During the visit, Sachin Aggarwal, Engineering Team Lead & Aero-Thermal Expert at Safran Electrical & Power Twinsburg, gave a presentation outlining the function, process, and practical applications of Computation Fluid Dynamics (CFD).

Additionally, Sachin provided examples of simulations he has completed for Safran Electrical and Power – including 2D and 3D airflow analyses for the Ram Air Turbine or RAT (a small turbine installed on an aircraft and used as an emergency electrical power source) and aero-thermal analysis of an air-cooled electrical generator. The visit also was an opportunity to discuss ongoing projects with the university, engage with potential future engineers, and showcase Safran Electrical and Power’s proficiency in highly technical topics.

Safran Electrical & Power’s Twinsburg site is dedicated to developing and maintaining electrical power generation and management systems for commercial and military aircraft.

The importance of Computation Fluid Dynamics

The use of Computation Fluid Dynamics is of growing importance in several different industries including aerospace, weather, natural science and environmental engineering, industrial system design and analysis, biomedical engineering, and even the sports sector. With the use of CFD, a prediction of fluid flow or heat transfer can be developed to assist in the design of complex machines.

At Safran Electrical & Power, Computation Fluid Dynamics often are used to optimize cooling fluid flow and temperature distribution within equipment. CFD also can be used to identify design improvements necessary to address thermal concerns whether during the development phase, preventing expensive turn backs during qualification testing, or while in service.

Strengthening university partnerships

This visit was part of Safran Electrical & Power’s ongoing efforts to build strong academic partnerships with local universities such as Youngstown State University, which serve as a pipeline for talented engineers.

Recently, Safran Electrical & Power was given a $1.8-million-dollar Ohio Federal Research Network (OFRN) grant to de-risk the key technology bricks needed for high-voltage DC generators for military applications – a project that will involve Youngstown State University.