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Safran Customer Day Xiamen Air session was held with success

Safran Customer Day Xiamen Air session

On November 16th, Safran Customer Day Xiamen Air session was successfully held in Xiamen, Fujian Province. This was the third Safran Customer Day organized by Safran in China this year. The business teams from 11 Safran companies and joint ventures, together with Xiamen Air's management and business representatives, totaling around 60 people, gathered together to exchange on important topics of future cooperation.

At the beginning of the event, Mr. TANG Jianqi, Deputy General Manager of Xiamen Air, extended a sincere welcome to the Safran team and recognized the longstanding cooperation between the two companies. “Safran has a long history of cooperation with Xiamen Air, and I am very glad to have this opportunity to meet and communicate with old and new friends today.” He said, “This event fully reflects the importance Safran attaches to Xiamen Air, and this is also a very innovative way of communication with OEMs that we have never had in the past but very much welcomes. We have great hopes for this event.”

Rémi Paul, CEO & Country General Delegate-Safran China introduced Safran and its main businesses in China to Xiamen Air and reviewed the cooperation legacy with Xiamen Air over the years: “The cooperation and friendship between Safran and Xiamen Air have spanned more than 30 years. From 1992, when the first Boeing 737-500 equipped with CFM56-3B engines joined Xiamen Air's fleet, to nowadays, when Safran landing systems, business and economy passenger seats, passenger oxygen systems, emergency evacuation slides, galleys and electric plug-ins, lavatories, avionics, and many other products are onboard all major Xiamen Air aircraft, we are deeply honored and grateful for Xiamen Air's renewed trust in Safran products!”

Safran Customer Day Xiamen Air session - Tang Jianqi & Remi Paul

Business teams from 11 Safran companies and joint ventures introduced to Xiamen Air their respective products and services in the areas of landing gears, aircraft engines, nacelles, avionics, seats, cabins, aerosystems and passenger innovations.

In the afternoon, Safran team had in-depth exchange through working groups with various business units of Xiamen Air on current work and projects.

Founded in 1984 and headquartered in Xiamen, Fujian Province, Xiamen Air currently operates around 350 domestic and international routes, with an annual passenger capacity of nearly 40 million. Safran and Xiamen Air have a long history of close cooperation, spanning more than 30 years.

1992: Xiamen Air purchased its first CFM56-3B powered Boeing 737-500 aircraft. In the past three decades, CFM International has been providing installed and spare CFM56 engines, as well as service solutions, to Xiamen Air’s Boeing 737 Classic and NG fleet.

2014: The first Boeing 787-9 entered into service at Xiamen Airlines, and Safran Landing Systems provides nose and main landing gear system to the aircraft.

2015: Xiamen Air purchased carbon brake package from Safran Landing Gear Systems for its fleet of nearly 130 Boeing 737NG. In the same year, Xiamen Air also introduced its first Boeing 787-8 with business and economy seats provided by Safran Seats. Currently Xiamen Air has six 787-8 in operation.

2018: Xiamen Air took its first Boeing 737MAX powered by LEAP-1B engines.

2023: Airbus A321neo with landing gear system and carbon brake system from Safran Landing Systems entered into service at Xiamen Air in 2023, in the same year, Xiamen Air introduced its first LEAP-1A-powered A321neo, and Xiamen Air and CFM International signed an agreement for the purchase of LEAP-1A engines, to power its 15 A321neo and 25 A320neo aircraft, including spare engines. Today, the airline operates or has on order a fleet of nearly 150 CFM-powered aircraft.

Over 30 years of cooperation between Safran and Xiamen Air has witnessed the continuous development and the expansion of cooperation areas of the two companies. “Safran Customer Day” Xiamen Air session will further promote the exchanges, deepen the friendship, and facilitate the discussion of future cooperation. Committed to providing high quality and innovative products and services to its customers, Safran will continue to support Xiamen Air toward the aviation of tomorrow.


*CFM International is a 50/50 joint venture between Safran Aircraft Engines and GE Aerospace