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Safran Colibrys is proud to announce new MS1000L family !


MS1000L is the best compromise between cost, performance and reliability.

  • «L» stands for «Lite»: Taking benefit from customer feedback, making it the best cost effective MEMS product made specifically for the inertial market.
  • MS1000L has been developed with the most proven technologies at Colibrys.

MS1000L family is free of export control.

Key features

  • Cost Effective
  • Measurement range: 10g, 30g available now! book your samples at [email protected] or https://www.colibrys.com/request-a-quote/
  • In-run bias stability (Allan Variance @ 10 s): 15 μg (10g range)
  • Low noise : 34 μg/rHz (10g range)
  • Robust up to 6000g
  • Non Linearity (IEEE Norm, % of full scale) : 0.3 %