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Safran celebrated the entry into service of the G700 with its customers


After an initial flight in February 2020 and over a hundred test flights since, the G700 enters service! This brand-new aircraft that Gulfstream already nicknamed “the Titan of the Skies” flies with Qatar Executive, Qatar Airways’ business jet subsidiary in Doha. Safran celebrated the event at its nacelle production site in Casablanca, Morocco, along with the engine manufacturer and aircraft manufacturer.

Gulfstream G700 first flight

A new business jet

The flagship for the American manufacturer Gulfstream, the G700 is now considered the business jet that breaks all records. More powerful, faster and larger than its peers, it can travel ultra-long distances: over 14,300 km at Mach 0.85. “Imagine the length of an A319neo, the range of a 787 and a maximum cruising speed 15% higher than a commercial aircraft,” explains Thibaud Normand, G700 Nacelle Programme Director at Safran Nacelles.

And inside? A large modular cabin, which can be partitioned into five “rooms”, including four “living rooms”, with lounge, dining room, suite, bathroom and toilet. A space with large portholes, a Gulfstream trademark, that can accommodate up to 19 passengers in flight. 

Safran is on board

On the propulsion side, Safran supplies Rolls-Royce with the power transmission system and the entire nacelle for the Pearl 700 engines. Safran Aerosystems supported the fuel quantity indication and oxygen systems. Safran Electronics & Defense is also part of the programme with the landing gear control levers, illuminated cockpit panels and the Horizontal Stabilizer Trim System (HSTS). Last, but not least, the cockpit and cabin tables were produced by Safran Cabin.

This programme represents a real challenge for the Safran companies on board,” explains Thibaud Normand. “Firstly, because the jet, which is approaching commercial aircraft standard and is at the highest technological level, is a strategic lever to develop new capabilities, such as the supply of a complete nacelle by Safran Nacelles. Secondly, because the G700 is aimed at VIP end customers, Gulfstream is extremely demanding and is driving us upwards in terms of quality,” he concludes. 

Celebration with Safran’s customers

Celebration of the entry into service of the Gulfstream G700 at its nacelle production site in Casablanca, Morocco

On the 2nd of May 2024, Safran celebrated the certification and entry into service of the Gulfstream G700 at its nacelle production site in Casablanca, Morocco, with its customers Dirk Geisinger, Rolls-Royce Deutschland's CEO and Londe Cremeans of Gulfstream, joining Vincent Caro, Safran Nacelles' CEO. Over 400 people gathered to commemorate these milestones that mark the end of the development phase and the beginning of series production.

“Through to the perfect combination of the G700’s outstanding aerodynamics and its powerful but ultra-efficient Pearl 700 engines, Gulfstream’s new flagship is flying faster and farther than any Gulfstream jet before. One of the powerplant’s key enabling technologies is the new nacelle, developed and built by the team at Safran. A big thank you to all of you for your relentless focus and dedication required to deliver such an extraordinary programme.”
Dirk Geisinger, Rolls-Royce Deutschland’s CEO
“Certification was a major milestone, but now we are setting records for putting the aircraft into service so quickly after certification. As of today we have delivered 2 aircraft, with many more to come in the next days. I want to sincerely thank both Rolls-Royce and Safran Nacelles for the collaboration over the past almost ten years to make the G700 aircraft, a reality.”

Londe Cremeans, Director Procurement Propulsion at Gulfstream Aerospace