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Safran Cabin - Unilode solution to track cargo containers and pallets

3D loom : carbon fiber

Safran Cabin has partnered with Unilode Aviation Solutions and OnAsset Intelligence to develop a unique solution to track cargo containers and pallets.


The parties started their collaboration less than a year ago to develop a unique design for a Bluetooth 5 digital tag. The tag can seamlessly be fitted into a pallet to prevent mishandling and stacking problems that may occur with bolt-on solutions positioned externally. Safran Cabin's engineering team designed a complementary corner piece solution to house the antenna of the tag in the pallet corner, with the rest of OnAsset’s innovative digital device being entirely integrated inside the edge rail of the pallet. Once the prototyping phase was completed, the team conducted a lengthy testing process focusing on structural integrity, regulatory compliance, operational safety and electronics performance, which was completed successfully.


Unilode’s new Safran pallets will be delivered with the integrated corner piece while existing units will be retrofitted to enable the provision of data on location and shock, which is important especially for time-critical and shock-sensitive cargo. The technology is fully DO-160 compliant and approved for in-flight use. Unilode will start rolling out its digitally enabled ULDs along with the global reader infrastructure to set its digital transformation programme in motion.


Marc Witteveen, Safran Cabin EVP Trolleys, Electrical Inserts & Cargo Division, said: “Safran Cabin is pleased that its outstanding engineering qualities have led to the design and manufacture of a truly world-class solution for the digital enablement of pallets. Unilode is a key customer and a long-term partner for Safran and we are proud to be associated with the leading digital transformation program in the ULD sector.