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Safran Aero Boosters is developing an environmentally friendly test facility with the help of the Walloon Region


Safran Aero Boosters is adding another string to its bow with the implementation of a new pilot project for an aircraft engine maintenance test bench developed with the help of the Walloon Region. Building on its position as the market leader in engine testing facilities, Safran Aero Boosters and its Safran Test Cells department are in the process of developing a new design for test facilities that cleans the ambient air at their Belgian test center in Herstal. And work is already underway!

The test bench is equipped with a new filtration system that allows ambient air made up of fine pollution particles to be captured upstream and discharged cleaner. A real particle hoover that cleans the air while preserving the aerodynamic performance of the test bench! An innovation that makes sense, particularly in more exposed city environments. Always in this ecological spirit, the test bench is also equipped with equipment for recovering energy and reducing acoustic emissions.

In addition to its environmental credentials, the facility also offers a number of other innovative solutions, coming equipped with a range of high-performance tools that optimize handling operations and reduce test cycles. Ultra-modern, productive and capable of carrying out an increasing number of procedures in quick succession, the facility is able to accommodate engines with a higher bypass ratio and higher flow rate while preserving aeroacoustics. This will strengthen Safran Test Cells’ position in the market for test centers, whether new or adapted.

And Safran Aero Boosters has not set out on this new adventure alone... The company has gathered a team of Walloon partners that each bring their unique technological contributions to the project, such as Ateliers de la Meuse with the full integration of aeromechanical equipment, including innovative acoustic treatments, Sobelcomp, which will develop techniques for manufacturing and control of composite test equipment and V2i, which markets a full range of vibration services, and will develop a dynamic measurement acquisition system with a view to marketing it for test applications.

GDTech, V2i and ANTwork will be involved in the modeling aspects, which will play a crucial role in the project. GDTech will model the facility’s aerodynamic and acoustic flows, while V2i will analyze its dynamic behavior, and the startup ANTwork will develop the multi-system modeling needed to define its configuration settings.

Watch this space...