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Sabina Auguscik, a recent Safran Graduate passionate about rotating machines

Human resources

After achieving a double engineering diploma in Poland and UK, with a specialisation in conception of rotating machines, Sabina Auguscik joined Safran Electrical & Power in Pitstone as a stress engineer. Interview with a passionate engineer about rotor machines!

What has been your background before joining Safran?

S.A.: I started with a Bachelor Degree in Power Engineering at Silesian University of Technology in Poland. During my studies, I found machines the most interesting part and I decided to write my individual thesis based on a circulating pump system, for which I achieved the highest grade. Then, I qualified for a Double Diploma Erasmus program in Poland and in UK and I chose to study the Design of Rotating Machines at Cranfield University, as I found the modules there really specific and useful to my intended future engineering career.

Parallel with my studies, I completed three internships at Tauron, Energoinstal, and Fluor.

Have you always dreamed of becoming an engineer?

S.A.: No! When I was in primary school, I wanted be an astronaut! Then in high school, I thought first of becoming a doctor. However, my Maths and Chemistry results were much better than Biology, so I made the choice to study Power Engineering. I realized that it has a promising future for innovation and development… No regrets!

Why did you choose Safran Electrical & Power for your first job?

S.A.: After my graduation, I’ve searched the ideal companies designing rotating machines. Safran stood out as one of the leaders in aeronautical electrical systems with huge potential in product development and innovation. It seemed the perfect place to start my professional career: after completing the Graduate Program* as an engineer at Pitstone in 2017, I have been appointed in 2018 in a permanent position.

Can you describe your job?

S.A.: As part of the Engineering Services Department, my job is to evaluate the structural integrity of our designs, using Finite Element Analysis simulation tools.  Our product range is quite wide, from electrical generators and motors to electronic boxes, for either military or civil programs. As a team, we perform rotor dynamics, vibration, thermal, static and explicit analysis. We work closely with the project teams, providing guidance to ensure form, fit and function are adhered to as well as ensuring the designs meet customer requirements. 

What do you enjoy about working at Safran Electrical & Power?

S.A.: The people, who share their passion and knowledge about the products we design and manufacture. It is possible to learn a lot, as the whole process from concept to delivery of the finished product to the customer is carried out on site.  MRO is also a big part of the business, which gives us the opportunity to see issues of machines in service, how to solve them and what to do to prevent them in future. Also, Safran is a company driven by constant innovation and development; we want our products to be as competitive in the market as it is possible. This requires our engineers to be constantly looking to improve our products in order to increase their efficiency, design and safety. It’s very exciting!

What do you expect for your future?

S.A.: The future is thrilling, as there are still plenty of new things for me to learn and many interesting projects with plenty of work coming. It seems we will be even busier in the future!


*The Graduate Program is an international program which aims to integrate young graduates considered as early talent. It can include rotations in different jobs and plants.