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Like Ruben, enter, grow and take opportunity for internal mobility with Safran

Human resources

Ruben Bensimon, who just graduated from business school after two years of work experience at Safran Engineering Services, has just obtained a VIE (Volontariat International en Entreprise, i.e. France’s international internship program) at Safran Helicopter Engines in Mexico. This is a prime example of internal Group mobility. Interview.

  • Has working in aeronautics always been an obvious choice for you?

Ruben Bensimon: No, for a long time I thought about becoming a top-level athlete or working in the world of sport, before turning to a career in business. Actually, I became a member of the French kickboxing team after winning the French championships several times, but I couldn't see myself making it my career.

  • What were you assigned to do as an intern at Safran Engineering Services ?

I was an apprentice sales engineer. I was involved in calls for tender, market research and competitive & technological intelligence. I have also got the opportunity to participate in innovation projects such as the Li-Fi Project (Wi-Fi using light).” 

  • Why did you choose to take part in the VIE program?

I wanted to go and work abroad. For me, it was important to have international experience, to meet people from different cultures and to get out of my comfort zone. This type of experience provides real added value both professionally and personally. For me, the VIE program offered an opportunity to mature while exploring a new country, a new culture... I chose Mexico first of all because the Safran Helicopter Engines offer was very appealing, but also because the cultural aspect seemed really enriching to me.

  • Is there an advantage to staying in the Group?

The other benefit is that I get to remain within the Group. Celame allows you to completely change assignments and environment without starting from scratch. It is easier for me to use the experience I have gained at Safran Engineering Services because I already have an understanding of the company, its activities and processes. Similarly, following my VIE, the experience at Safran Helicopter Engines  will undoubtedly open up some exciting career opportunities for me within the Group!

  • Do you have any plans for the future?

Not at the moment, I'm waiting until I see what opportunities open up. I am in the process of exploring and adapting and I don't know exactly how things will look after Mexico. Everything will depend on what happens when the time comes...