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Road Safety: Safran answers the call

Corporate social responsibility

Today, road accidents are the number one cause of death at work. By signing the Ministry of the Interior's '7 commitments for a safer road' charter last March 16, Safran has joined 800 other companies in committing itself to educating its employees on road safety at work. It's a subject that's already at the heart of the Group's priorities in its Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) policy.

"We, the corporate executives, are committed to ensuring the safety of our employees on the road. »

The '7 commitments for a safer road' are the result of an initiative in late 2016 by the Ministry of the Interior, which invited large French companies to join in signing a national appeal for employee road safety. Resulting from a wide variety of causes (speeding, overwork, alcohol, lack of attention, drowsiness, phone use etc.), many work-related road accidents could be avoided. This charter proposes seven commitments to respect in order to reduce the risks. 

The prevention of road accidents, a key concern for Safran

For several years now, Safran has been fully committed to a policy of raising employee awareness of road risks, particularly through its HSE policy, but also with the introduction of a Charter for the prevention of road risks. The charter aims to increase awareness of high-risk situations, offering ten essential prevention tips to minimize them. In addition to this, the HSE department communicates regularly on the theme of road risk prevention via themed infographics on the Group Intranet.



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7 commitments for a safer road

In my organization:

  • We limit phone conversations while driving to emergencies
  • We demand sobriety on the road
  • We insist on the use of seatbelts
  • We do not accept driving in excess of speed limits
  • We take rest stops into consideration when calculating travel times
  • We promote road safety training for our employees
  • We encourage two-wheeler riders to better equip themselves


*National Businesses for Road Safety Appeal (Appel national des entreprises en faveur de la sécurité routière)