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Record-beating deliveries for the Safran Electronics & Defense Quapason™ gyroscope


With more than 16,400 sensors delivered to customers in 2018, Safran Electronics & Defense is beating the production record for its Quapason™ gyroscope. This resonance gyroscope represents the unique know-how of Safran Electronics & Defense in the field of inertial sensors.

Since Safran Electronics & Defense launched mass production of the Quapason™ it has enjoyed increasing success worldwide, with more than 140,000 units produced.

As a gyrometer, its role is to measure angular rotations. This inertial sensor is renowned for not only its exceptional reliability but also its compactness, two characteristic features of vibratory technologies. It is mainly used to stabilize aiming lines on remotely controlled gun turrets and images, and also for avionics, integrated into the artificial horizons of military or civilian aircraft.

Gyroscopes equipped with this sensor are extremely robust. They can withstand vibrations and impacts, enabling a very low noise signal and exceptional Allan variance.

Produced at Montluçon, the Quapason™ represents the best compromise between MEMS and FOG gyroscopes for stabilization systems.

Safran Electronics & Defense is a major player in inertial systems. It is an expert in all the technologies associated with gyroscopes, such as resonance, gyro mechanics, lasers, optic fiber and hemispherical resonance gyroscopes (HRG).