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"Radar" Podcast: Safran ready for the ramp-up


“Radar” is Safran's new podcast channel! In each episode, we take a look at the issues and projects in which the Group gets involved on a day-to-day basis. For the third episode – and the first in English – Radar looks at how we are “ramping up” our activities after two years of the pandemic. We focus on our commercial engines and landing systems business with two experts from Safran Aircraft Engines and Safran Landing Systems.

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Every month, the Radar podcast takes you on an immersive auditory adventure into the world of Safran! In each episode, one or several experts take a detailed look at major projects and issues in which the various companies making up the Group are involved in a range of different areas, including innovation, R&T, CSR and business.        

Safran ready for the ramp-up!

Radar looks at production ramp-up which is what 2022 will be all about at Safran. After two years of Covid, the companies making up the Group are now gearing up to take on this industrial and human challenge. Getting the internal teams involved, recruiting people, managing relations with suppliers, creating production facilities… How is this ramp-up structured throughout the world?

In this episode, Radar takes you on a journey between France and the US!

Pierre Champtiaux, head of civil engine production at Safran Aircraft Engines in Villaroche (France) and Jake Hughes, head of production lines for Safran Landing Systems in Walton (Kentucky in the US) talks to us about ramping up production for LEAP engines and the manufacture of carbon discs, brakes and wheels.

So put on your headphones, get yourself comfortable… and relax and listen to our Radar!

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