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Race for Education! Safran brings new books to pupils of three primary schools in Guizhou

Corporate social responsibility
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The donation of over 4,500 new books sponsored by Safran has recently arrived in three primary schools near Guiyang, in China’s Guizhou Province, enhancing the book selections for over 4,200 pupils (including over 200 left-behind children and around 1,100 resident students). This donation is also the result of a philanthropy project of Safran soliciting all collaborators worldwide to participate in sports, accumulating mileage together on a mobile APP in order to finance twelve educational projects around the world.

The three beneficiary schools, situated respectively in the counties of Xiuwen, Kaiyang and Qingzhen, are confronted with problems such as shortage of books, single booklist, damaged books, etc. and thus cannot meet the reading needs of students. The “Action for Reading” initiative, sponsored by Safran and executed by China Next Generation Education Foundation, aims at addressing these problems. The books donated this time are mainly on science, innovation, natural environment and encyclopedia, which also represent the values and ideas being advocated by Safran as the third largest aerospace company in the world.

“Books are precious assets. They enable readers to travel through time, explore the world as well as to learn. With this aim in mind, Safran pursues in France and internationally a philanthropy policy focused particularly on an educational approach,” said Philippe Bardol, General Delegate for China and CEO of Safran China. “I hope these books about science can help the children of the three schools to stimulate their imagination, in order to explore the future world!”


Children in Xiuwen Jiuchang Primary School are reading the new books.


The books on science donated by Safran have been displayed in the library of Kaiyang Nanjiang Bouyei & Miao Nationality Central School for students to read.


Students in the Qingzhen Maige Primary School rush to take and read the new books.