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A quick look at the job performed by Tracey, Chief Engineer at Safran Seats

Human resources

Tracey's specialty is first class seats. Learn all about a profession offering a number of exciting challenges.

3D loom : carbon fiber


What is your career path until now?

I started as an apprentice engineer in the automotive industry where I spent 15 years in total doing various roles within the design and quality departments. Then I moved to Safran (formally Britax, Contour and Zodiac Aerospace) in Cwmbran, as a design engineer. I’ve been in Safran for almost 18 years progressing to my current role as Chief Engineer which I’ve held since 2017. 

How would you describe your job?

I work in the area of first class seats. My role is to ensure the customer is satisfied that we meet and ideally exceed their expectations, while insuring the integrity of the product. With First class seats, it can be tricky with the chosen materials. Even if some requests are not always achievable in an aircraft environment, we have to make the product happen. There is a balance to find between the reality and the customer dreams. This is my mission. 

Which evolutions did you see on First class seats since you started in Cwmbran?

From 2001 to now, the two most important evolutions would be that the suites are bigger and integrate more technology. We actually meet the expectation of the final user in his day to day life: by replicating bigger TV screens and more gadgets. The requirement for privacy means integrating doors and having taller furniture in the suites, while seamlessly blending the seat into the aircraft. The end goal is to give the interior more emotion, be more like home. 

What do you like the most about your job?

It is amazing to see a design evolve from paper through manufacturing, to the final product. Each program is bespoke, so I face new challenge with each one which keeps me interested. Every customer being unique, I like to interact with them and create a relationship, adding value to their product. We are not just a manufacturer we sell products which bring emotion and luxury which enables the airline to differentiate them from everyone else.