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#LoveMySafranJob: Protecting Safran’s intellectual property and innovation

Human resources

Joshua Choe works at Safran Seats USA and is an Intellectual Property Counsel within the Center of Excellence of IP (CEPI) for Safran.

Joshua Choe

As a licensed U.S. patent attorney, his responsibilities include advising and overseeing the intellectual property function for the U.S.-based business units within the Safran Group.  This can involve overseeing processes of the drafting of national patent applications, the filing of responses to national patent offices, working with external law firms in fulfilling various actions for business units, and other activities that are a core function within CEPI.

“I take my role as Intellectual Property Counsel very seriously: Not only do I give advice, I also help develop relationships across the organization to ensure that processes are respected and complied with,” he said. “It is very satisfying to be part of a world-class company that is recognized across industries as an intellectual property leader, reflecting the innovation within the Safran group.”

The Safran Group: a top filer of patents

Choe underscored the importance of filing for patents, which directly supports the Safran group’s innovation strategy.  “A company would risk quite a lot should they not to file patents to protect their innovation investments,” he explained. 

Safran is highly committed to the protection of intellectual capital, as underscored by its ranking as a top patent filer in the company’s home country, France – with 1,176 applications filed in 2021. The company is the no. 1 applicant for patents in the French clean energies sector, and no. 1 in overall patents filed in France.

“This is a reflection of Safran’s investment in, and commitment to, intellectual property,” Choe stated.  “And it is backed by the Safran Intellectual Property Charter, which is signed by top management within the Safran Group.”

Choe’s 10-year career with Safran and its predecessor companies

With an undergraduate degree in chemistry, Choe went to law school and earned a Juris Doctorate degree.  He is licensed before the State Bar of Texas, as well as before the United States Patent Office.  This September marks a 10-year career anniversary, as Choe began working with the predecessor companies to Safran Seats: Weber Aircraft and Zodiac Seats.

“I enjoy both the relational and technical aspect of the job, being able to learn about how innovation process and the innovators tackle technical problems in novel ways,” he concluded.  “As a young child, I was very interested in the types of airplanes that flew at the local airport and whenever we travelled.  I count myself very fortunate to be able to work in the aerospace field today!”