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PORTRAIT - [They make Safran] Sabrina Barré, From Sciences Po to the French Space Command

Human resources

Soon to graduate from Sciences Po Paris and passionate about security and defense issues in the space sector, Sabrina Barré joined Safran Data Systems in June 2020 as an SSA (Space Situational Awareness) Market Analyst intern. This first successful experience allowed her to fully engage in the sector and to deepen her passion. She tells us about her experience in the company.

Sabrina Barré - Portrait

What is your background?

Following my scientific baccalaureate in 2018, I entered Sciences Po Paris where I discovered with great interest space law. I then spent a year as an exchange student at UCLA (University of California Los Angeles). Due to the sanitary situation, this exchange was done remotely, which allowed me to do an internship at Safran Data Systems. After that, I integrated my first year of Master in security/defense specialization, during which I was able to deepen my knowledge of space security and defense issues.

How did you discover Safran Data Systems? How did your integration into the company go?

To be totally honest, before joining Safran, I only knew its reputation... and not the different subsidiaries. It was after meeting Sandrine Audry, the current Human Resources Director, and Alexandre Thily, who became my training supervisor, that I joined Safran Data Systems as an Space Situational Awareness Market analyst. Despite the pandemic, my integration went very well thanks to the kindness of my colleagues who welcomed me and helped me throughout my mission.

It was during this internship that I was able to discover the company's field of activity and products (WeTrack, Space Situational Awareness,...). During six months, I worked in the Sales & Marketing department in Les Ulis, where I created political and legal roadmaps on different countries of interest, in order to expand the market of the "WeTrack" product.

I also carried out a regular monitoring of the changes in civil and defense space policies in different regions of the world, which allowed me to build precise organization charts of the different institutions concerned and of interest for the company.

This great internship experience allowed me to affirm my professional project and was also beneficial for DefInSpace.

You won the DefinSpace 2022 Hackaton, organized by the French Space Command, why and how did you participate?

I heard about the 2022 edition via LinkedIn. This edition was about an issue I am passionate about: Space Traffic Management.

I registered alone and it was only when I arrived in Paris, at the event venue, that my team was formed. With three other participants, all from different backgrounds and with no particular knowledge of the space sector, we worked on the generic challenge: "The creation of a future regulation of space traffic, including the Ministry of the Armed Forces".

Thanks to my internship at Safran, I had accumulated knowledge about the sector but also about the different policies. After 24 hours, we gave birth to a solid project allowing us to win this edition!


How do you see your future career path?

With my various professional experiences in the space sector, and in particular at Safran Data Systems, I have the opportunity to join the French Space Command strategy office in Paris as part of my second year of Master's apprenticeship.

Afterwards, I would like to study the issues of space surveillance and cyber threats in greater depth. 

Beyond a profession, space is a real passion that I have further developed during these six months at Safran Data Systems. This motivates me to give the best of myself in this sector, and always aim for the highest possible level!

Finally, I would like to thank Alexandre, Noël, Thierry, Charlotte, Cédric, Ludovic, Laurent, Sandrine and many others for the trust they have placed in me.