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PMO at Safran Engineering Services: cost control at the heart of operations


On the sites of Safran Nacelles in Le Havre and Saclay, the project management platform is made up of twenty or so people. Some of them play a central role in operations, assisting clients with managing their programs and monitoring the associated costs. This is the case of Jordan Gruchy and Charles Jury, whom we had the pleasure of meeting.

Jordan Gruchy joined Safran Engineering Services in early 2018. He has been an Operational PMO (Project Management Officer) for four years, a role he took on after graduating from the Centre des Etudes Supérieures Industrielles (institute for higher industrial studies - CESI) in Rouen, France. This year, the company won a call for tenders with the nacelle builder to form a project and program management platform, the role of which ranges from planning to managing economic performance. “I have a dual mission,” says Jordan. “First, I assist my client in managing the financial performance of one or more programs that are underway or being developed, along with the associated risks and deliverables. I am also responsible for a business line and, within the client company, I ensure that capacities and load match up. In short, I divide up the work of the business line that I oversee.”

Charles, meanwhile, studied at an engineering school in La Rochelle as well as a business school. After an internship in management control at Safran Electronics & Defense, he joined Safran Engineering Services and the Safran Nacelles platform. “I am an operational and program PMO. I work as principal contact to the program manager, whom I assist with short and long-term budget management. I also put together the projected budget for the entire program,” he explains.

What are the qualities of a good operational PMO? “You have to know how to put things into perspective and be thorough. We present the budget reviews at the highest level, sometimes even to the Safran Nacelles board of directors, which constitute motivating, high-stake responsibilities,” says Jordan. “On the other hand, we have a vision that covers multiple disciplines, trades and programs. We must be open and communicative and provide support and assistance with decision-making. It is important to understand that we have a role of adviser and not decision-maker.”

What do you both prefer in your daily work? “The discussions and close relationship with the client. We learn a lot by thinking about different methodologies and ways of working. We are also at the heart of program and business line decisions: it's very interesting!” they conclude.