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Paris Air Show: why not join us now?

Human resources

This year, Safran is deploying a brand new strategy to present its activities and professions: one of the most visible stands at the show, meetings with employees, etc. For the Paris Air Show, June 19-25, we have done our best to make you want to join us and start a career with a group that is working hard to make air travel carbon-free. Are you ready?

"Now is your time to shine" campaign for recruitment at Safran

Below the clear skies –perfect for admiring the traditional flight displays- you are making your way through the various aisles of the Paris Air Show. Like most visitors, you have come to find out more about the world of aviation, which fascinates you, or at least arouses your curiosity. As you look at the exhibitors on their stands, an idea forms in your mind: what if this visit was an opportunity to start a career in the aerospace industry? As your mind wanders, a figure advances towards you. The Safran logo comes into focus...

This year, Safran is looking for you!

You realize that it is a member of the Safran team. More specifically, before you stands a representative from Safran’s HR teams, clad in a turquoise polo shirt and cap. Her job is to present the Group’s professions and persuade you to join an adventure with over 125 years of history! Indeed, in 2023, Safran is looking for you! In the exhibition halls, on the tarmac… we have 208 employees on hand throughout the show to meet you. With almost 12,000 vacant positions worldwide this year, surely you don’t want to miss out on a career opportunity?

"Now is your time to shine!"

The HR representative used all the right words to answer your questions clearly and succinctly. But you need more specific information to be able to imagine a future with Safran. Then, you find out that many of the turquoise polo shirts are actually worn by Group employees, who are here to talk about their jobs. Better still, you learn that at the "Avion des métiers" stand you can chat with professionals -such as welders or engineers who develop on-board software and systems– and even get a realistic view of their daily jobs thanks to a virtual reality device!

Your correspondent guides you there and gives you a prospectus with a QR code so that you can consult all the Group’s employment offers directly. It’s time to try your luck…

Our job is to persuade you to join us!

You immediately decide to have a look... You are already thinking about your resume. At the same time, the HR team member tells you there is a second QR code for you to scan to access Safran’s resume! At Safran, we believe that recruitment should be a win-win arrangement, so we have drawn up our resume to promote our assets in the hope of persuading you to join us. Key projects, soft skills, leisure activities, contact details... It contains all the essential information about the Group.

As you look through it, you hear that influencer Elodie Brunot –aka @passionaeroo– will be at the show all day on Friday. She will be handing out books about strategic topics for the Group, such as decarbonization, sovereignty and even recruitment! There is no time to lose: you stride purposefully towards the Safran stand, mulling over the wide range of professional opportunities proposed by the Group.

As you will have understood, whatever your profile, Safran is looking forward to meeting you at the Paris Air Show, June 19-25, to encourage you start your very own adventure in the space, defense and aviation sector!