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Paris Air Lab: innovation stars at the 2019 Paris Air Show


The first Paris Air Lab was a hit in 2017 and it’s back at the Paris Air Show this year. It revolves around innovation, is one of the highlights for several of the aerospace industry’s large players and startups, and the program includes a variety of conferences and debates, keynote talks, immersions and other attractions. The Lab was inaugurated on Monday June 17th by Stéphane Cueille, Safran’s Senior Executive VP, R&T and Innovation.

Inaugural speech of the Paris Air Lab by Stéphane Cueille

The Paris Air Lab explores the big issues that will shape the aerospace industry’s future—new sources of energy, alternative fuels and artificial intelligence, for example. This year, the Lab is hosting a variety of breakthroughs on its 3,000 sqm stand including a few of Safran’s key products such as the turbo-electric generator developed by startup Turbotech and a scale model of a plant to produce electricity from hydrogen and oxygen (illustrating the chemical reaction in fuel cells).

Stéphane Cueille, Safran’s Senior Executive VP, R&T and Innovation, inaugurated the Paris Air Lab on Monday June 17th. In his opening address, he spoke about the pioneering solutions on show this year and the challenges they are designed to tackle: “I’m proud of this event we organized for the first time two years ago. It was an unqualified success and I hope it’s even better this year. The innovation, digital technology and environmental concerns we’ll be talking about here are central to our activities. Reducing CO2 emissions by 50% by 2050, while remaining competitive, is one of the big issues here at the 2019 Paris Air Show.”

This event shines a bring light on innovation: it features 140 startups, including 70 exhibiting at the Paris Air Lab, and they will all be welcome to pitch their main inventions in their field.

The Paris Air Lab will also host thought-provoking conferences and keynote talks about the challenges facing the aerospace sector, by speakers from a variety of backgrounds ranging from astronauts to manufacturers and on to researchers and academics, every day.

And visitors can also enjoy a VR immersion, along with an escape game, photograph exhibition, bookshop, live performance by a graffiti artist and more.

Practical information: the Paris Air Lab is in the Aerospace Museum’s Hall Concorde.

The 2019 Paris Air Lab program